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I've been getting some great custom jewelry design requests over at Etsy lately. I love custom orders. Feel free to contact me about your own project ideas at

Hq-5 by JeremyMallin
Hi all. Help support my Kickstarter.…

I'm making professional cosplay-quality working Green Lantern power rings. I already have working prototypes, but I need funds for prototyping to make enough sizes to offer them on Etsy.

I'm making them in green and WHITE GOLD. Check it out. You know you want one.

Oh... and the reward for contributing to my Kickstarter? YOUR VERY OWN WORKING GREEN LANTERN RING.

Working LED Green Lantern Power Ring by JeremyMallin
Green-6 by JeremyMallin
Green-2 by JeremyMallin
Green-4 by JeremyMallin
Green-5 by JeremyMallin
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Gl-4 by JeremyMallin Gl-3 by JeremyMallin

As some of you may know, I have retired various of my 3D printed designs. I did this for a variety of reasons. Don't despair if you didn't get a chance to purchase one these designs. I will begin making the digital source files of some of my discontinued models available. This is the first one. I'm offering it here as premium content, but I welcome suggestions of other websites and forums where you think it would be good to offer these files for sale. I'm offering my first model on DeviantArt for an initial price of only 500 points. We'll see how that works out.

All my files were created and exported from Lightwave 3D and should work with most 3D modeling apps. They are each presented as a single 3-point poly mesh in OBJ and X3D formats with PNG color map textures where applicable.

I hope you enjoy these models. I appreciate the praise and support I've received from all you on DeviantArt.

Here's the first one: Green Lantern Ring CAD Files
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The first of its kind. -- A complete set of 3D printed, nylon plastic, Green Lantern cosplay prop rings that comes in full color without the need for painting.

This classically styled, set of lantern power rings comes fully finished. This is not a DIY. Just snap the black or white insert into the ring and you're good to go.

This, my latest fan art design, is an Etsy exclusive. I'm offering it to you first. You won't find it anywhere else. This collection is available custom manufactured in your size from US 5 to 16.

This set is 3D printed in durable nylon plastic, then machine polished and dyed. Each ring ships as two pieces that easily snap together, and it is delivered direct to you from my manufacturer.

Purchase individually or order the entire set plus extra inserts at a discount. Nine rings for the price of eight! The complete set includes nine rings and nine inserts including:

1 Black Ring
1 White Ring
1 Red Ring
1 Orange Ring
1 Yellow Ring
1 Green Ring
1 Blue Ring
1 Indigo Ring
1 Pink Sapphire Ring
9 Black Inserts
9 White Inserts

Be the first at the Cons to have them!…
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Brand NEW! Durable plastic Green Lantern rings in a sleek, new design. (The full-color, classic style rings are still available though.)

Get yours 3D printed from the Shapeways Factory of the Future™ now at

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NEW! FULL-COLOR 3D printed GREEN LANTERN collectible cosplay rings are back, and they're awesome!

Help out a starving artist. Get yours now at

  Blue-Lantern-2 by JeremyMallin  Yellow-Lantern by JeremyMallin

#GreenLantern #cosplay #3Dprinting
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Yin and Yang Ring by JeremyMallin
I'm excited to announce that I've started a new group for people interested in everything to do with 3D Printing, 3D modeling and 3D rendering for 3D Printing. I just set up the group yesterday and some things are still in-progress, but invites and membership applications are being processed. Stop by, check it out at #3DPrintMakers.
Pi Signet by JeremyMallin
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Twitter-001 by JeremyMallin GooglePlus-001 by JeremyMallin Blogger-001 by JeremyMallin YouTube-001 by JeremyMallin Shapeways-001 by JeremyMallin

So, I've been busy... Traveling all over the Web, publishing, creating and selling, I've been doing things you might be interested in. If you want, you can follow along. Here's how:

Visit my 3D Printing store, Designs by Jeremy Mallin on Shapeways®
Follow JeremyMallin on Twitter®
Add +JeremyMallin to your circles on Google+®
Subscribe to my blog at Leptons And Licorice
Subscribe to Jeremy Mallin on YouTube®

Thanks for your friendship and support. Hope to see you right here and around the Web real soon.

This bit of shameless promotion brought to you by ME, the same guy bringing you silly superheroes, renderings and Green Lantern rings right here on DeviantArt®.
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Green Lantern Pendant by JeremyMallin Bat Medallion Pendant by JeremyMallin Superman Pendant by JeremyMallin Star Trek TNG Ring by JeremyMallin The Green Ring by JeremyMallin

Hi everyone. I just wanted to give anyone interested fair notice that I will be discontinuing some of my 3D-printed products on Shapeways. I won't be getting rid of everything, just the most obvious copyright infringements (including the Green Lantern items). I have not been asked to discontinue any of them; it's just something that I believe in. I was somewhat torn about the issue even before I made these items available for sale. By the end of this month (January) I will pull the items I feel are copyright infringements from my Shapeways store. This will include, but is not necessarily limited to the items shown above.

Thanks everyone for your understanding. As an entrepreneur and an artist I've always believed in copyright issues, even when we're not talking a lot of money (as in my case).
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Batmobile WIP by JeremyMallin

I'm just not feeling this one. It happens. I think that rather than putting more time into this model I'm going to drop this one and move on to other things. I might even draw another car. It's a new year and the perfect time to start over.
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This week I started my very first blog. Yesterday I wrote about all the unfinished pieces I have laying around my digital storage. I featured some pieces I hadn't previously uploaded or even shown anyone. Here are those pictures and more, plus some older WIPs. You can find my new blog about art and everything else under the sun at

Procraftination by JeremyMallin Wonder Woman WIP by JeremyMallin Wonder Woman WIP by JeremyMallin Unrendered Basket by JeremyMallin Unfinished Lego by JeremyMallin Unfinished Figure by JeremyMallin Unfinished Torso by JeremyMallin Unfinished Car by JeremyMallin Zee WIP by JeremyMallin Wonder WIP by JeremyMallin Any guesses? by JeremyMallin Power Girl WIP by JeremyMallin Wonder Woman WIP by JeremyMallin Wonder Woman WIP by JeremyMallin
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What better to follow my recent fascination with mathematical surfaces and 3D printing than an exploration of science. Here are a handful of renderings based on chemistry, particle physics and quantum mechanics. Enjoy.

And some of the earlier mathematical stuff:

P-Ball by JeremyMallin Bat Cube by JeremyMallin
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Here's to hoping that everyone had a happy and safe Halloween. For those affected by Hurricane Sandy my thoughts are with you along with hopes for a speedy recovery and rebuilding.

My Favorite Ghost by JeremyMallin
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A little while back I posted renders of my latest series of superhero inspired rings. For a while I had been toying with the idea of a series of Justice League rings unique to each character. With my recent introduction to online 3D-printing I kicked that project into high gear. And here is the result, the first complete series of Justice rings.

From left to right: Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman

The rings, with the exception of the Green Lantern and Batman versions, have not been quite as popular as I expected, but I made them mostly for myself, because these are the rings I want to own. I am however, pleasantly surprised and flattered by how popular the rendered image is. Thanks for all the favorites and compliments.

Look for more artwork in a wide range of genres, media and subject matter to come.
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What do I love about your work? Here's what I love most about all my favorite artists' work here on Deviant Art in sound bites I picked up throughout my education and career - Ok. It's also an excuse to post some timeless advice I've received over the years, that while bordering on cliche is nevertheless true.

Good art is about knowing when to stop: too little and it's not enough; too much and it's ruined.
God is in the details.
Good art makes you feel something.
It's about the feeling you inspire not the technical achievement.
Originality is key. Even when doing a common subject, you make it your own.
There is elegance in simplicity.
Pattern and texture bring order and simplicity out of complexity.
Good art pops.
When you do what you love it shows.

Did I miss any? Feel free to add them - and thanks again for the inspiration.
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Thanks to all who suggested that I investigate 3D-printing my art. An extra special thanks to those who have purchased one or more of my designs from my store on

I myself purchased a couple of my personal favorites and am currently, eagerly awaiting their shipping and arrival at my doorstep. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I'll try to post some photos as soon after the items arrive as possible. The lead time is a bit longer than I'd hope, but understandable because manufacturing, processing and handling do take some time.

So far sales have been slow, but I suppose that is often true in the beginning. It's incredibly fun though. I still find it amazing how a few keystrokes and mouse clicks from here at my desk can result in real, physical products arriving at my (or anyone else's) doorstep. It's definitely a huge leap forward from the 640x480 super-high resolution pixel art programs I used as a kid.

I've been turning out dozens of pendant and ring designs and still haven't scratched the surface of all the many design ideas racing through my mind. And, yes, I still have other non-3D, non-jewelery artwork I want to create. I will eventually get back to other genres. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the many, varied wearable designs I continue to enjoy creating.

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Guess what? Oh, right. The title pretty much gives it away. I've started making some of my designs available for sale as actual, wearable art, on an experimental basis thanks to the magic of online 3D-printing. In response to many requests in the comments and feedback I've received on DeviantArt, I've started making various designs available for sale at my new online storefront on Shapeways:…

Even better news? Each ring from my latest Green Lantern series is available from just $4.00 and up! But don't stop there. Feel free to try out the stainless steel, silver and gold-plated versions for a little more.
The White Ring by JeremyMallin… The Black Ring by JeremyMallin… The Red Ring by JeremyMallin… The Orange Ring by JeremyMallin… The Yellow Ring by JeremyMallin… The Green Ring by JeremyMallin… The Blue Ring by JeremyMallin… The Indigo Ring by JeremyMallin… The Saphire Ring by JeremyMallin…

And I have uploaded more of my fan art and pop culture pieces for sale at similar starting prices.
Star Trek TNG Ring by JeremyMallin from $4.00…, New Batman Ring by JeremyMallin from $5.00…, Hearts And Kisses by JeremyMallin from $3.00…

This is my first experiment with 3D-printing. Please let me know how any of these that you purchase turn out. I don't have the money to test out every design in every material available. If this works out, I will continue to upload additional suitable designs for sale. Not every one of my past designs is manufacturable, but I'll do my best to meet demand. Check it out before the prices go up. ;)…

(Shipping & handling seems to be a flat fee of $6.50 total for all USA orders.)
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I've been on a bit of jewelry kick lately. Lots of designs and 3D renders to show. Drawing them is much quicker and easier than when I used to actually make them. I can also work with much more expensive materials in the virtual world, like diamonds and gemstones. Here are some of my designs. Enjoy.
Hearts And Kisses by JeremyMallin Sparklies by JeremyMallin Button Ring by JeremyMallin Elegant Band by JeremyMallin Ice by JeremyMallin Ruby Weave Ring by JeremyMallin Screw Ring by JeremyMallin Wonder Woman Diamond Ring by JeremyMallin Celtic Knot by JeremyMallin

And of course, there are some Green Lantern rings mixed in.
Gold Diamond Lantern by JeremyMallin Silver Diamond Lantern by JeremyMallin Diamond Lantern by JeremyMallin
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I'm proud to announce that one of my fan-art designs was featured on the local news morning show. The even mentioned me by name. It's so exiting. Aren't I a geek? First thing I did was email my mom the link and post it on Facebook for all my friends to see.

Here's the link to the news channel's video: It still makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Big Brown Couch by JeremyMallin Crashing The Couch by JeremyMallin
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After looking at my viewer statistics it was very obvious that people want more Green Lantern. So, by popular demand, here it is: my latest power ring designs. This set was designed with the intent of having each one an actual makeable, wearable design. Enjoy.

Ring Spectrum by JeremyMallin The Red Ring by JeremyMallin The Orange Ring by JeremyMallin The Yellow Ring by JeremyMallin The Green Ring by JeremyMallin The Blue Ring by JeremyMallin The Indigo Ring by JeremyMallin The Saphire Ring by JeremyMallin The Black Ring by JeremyMallin The White Ring by JeremyMallin
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