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3D Rendering of some of my collection of random misfit mugs. I have a huge collection of oddball mugs I've accumulated over the years. I was originally going to do a lot more mugs, but after drawing six of them it got a little repetitive and I got bored with it.

Yes, I do realize that the two tone mug on the front right is actually from a set and not technically a misfit, but I really liked the design so I drew it anyway.

A sort of recurring problem I've been working on is somehow dealing with the fact that good anti-aliasing and depth-of-field sometimes wipe out some of the finer details (like in some of the logos on the mugs in this image), but I think it looks better with better anti-aliasing than it does with pixelated depth-of-field and sharper details. So, I'm happy with this image for now. If it bothered me enough I suppose I could have exaggerated the line thicknesses of the logos in the textures, but I'll leave that as lessons learned for the next one.

3D Software: Modeled and rendered with Newtek Lightwave
2D Software: Textures, mug logos and tablecloth designed with Adobe Illustrator

Random details: Each mug is a sub-D moderately-high 4 point poly mesh with between 500 and 1500 polys.
The yellow and blue mugs must come from the same manufacturer, because, even though their coloring is different, their geometries are the same.
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Synthetic Camera
Perspective Camera
Shutter Speed
1/60 second
Focal Length
101 mm
Date Taken
Aug 2, 2012, 10:54:09 PM
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