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The ZIP file contains 45 separate super-high detail 1200 x 800 pixel JPEG images of 3D rendered special effects that are suitable for use as desktop wallpapers or backgrounds for your own 3D renderings and other art projects.

Each image was generated with Newtek Lightwave 3D. Before anyone asks, I do not have the individual settings or tutorials on how to make each image. I can tell you that in general each image was created by aiming the rendering camera at one or more of various forms of volumetric lights having procedural texturing.
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2400x2600px 1.66 MB
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All these galaxies are far cooler than out own.
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How long did it take to design and render each image?
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Most of them took two minutes or so (each). For some reason I cannot explain, one or two of the images too a few minutes longer. I have a 2.8 GHz processor with 2 GB RAM and a 32 bit OS. With a more up-to-date system it might take even less time.
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Great effects, and very nice collection.
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Thanks. It was fun coming up with different ideas for backgrounds for my own chemistry, physics and sci-fi abstract renders. These ideas have the added benefit that they can be completely generated in a 3D rendering environment without the need for any extra geometry (minimal extra processing & rendering time).
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