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Windows 7 Math input panel



Windows 7 math input panel for windows xp/vista

Math Input Panel is a great little application introduced with Windows 7. Its purpose is to use input devices such as touchscreens, external digitizers or even a mouse to write mathematical formulas which are easily recognized and inserted into different types of documents. The formulas you write in Math Input Panel are inserted into documents in a completely editable form so that you can edit the output as you would edit any type of text. This can seriously improve your productivity when you need to create documents or presentations with lots of mathematical formulas.


if your using xp you will need an alky for application
first you will need to copy this to your preferred folder
patch it with alky and your done.
and for vista you dont need to do anything

Note:this file is from win 7 beta.

works fine for me as i already have tablet pc components if it dosent work for you read amirz comment above.

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The MIP is work and sometimes ink recognise Work.
see this [link]