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Quest for Apple Bloom part5

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Some mystake for this one, layers hate me, and i don't like them too.:) (Smile)

part 7:
part 8:
part13: Quest for Apple Bloom part 13
part14: Quest for Apple Bloom part 14
part15: Quest for Apple Bloom part 15
part16:Quest for Apple Bloom part 16t
part17:Quest for Apple Bloom part 17.2t
part18:Quest for Apple Bloom part 18t

A special thanks for the one who make my english better,
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Marcusthemage47's avatar
Shouldn't we at least check her pulse first?!
19111995's avatar
Well, that escalated quickly!
LordKane666's avatar
you dig a what? are you high?
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
Jump to conclusions much?
fotland42's avatar
So responsible of her to clean up after herself so proactively. Equestria needs more fillies like her.
FralLeman's avatar
This, and the Hearts and Hooves day, just prove that they'll get cutie marks in digging holes!
Starsword's avatar
Starsword Writer
Oh Sweetie Bell, you are such a hilarious twit XD 

As a side note. The word is "mistake" not "mystake". Don't worry though. English is the hardest language to spell in. None of the phonetics make any sense. I've been trying to spell correctly for 28 years and I still don't have the hang of it.Annoyed All I can say is thank god for computer's spell check systems.
Scaratyl-Targe-Obsid's avatar
Scaratyl-Targe-ObsidHobbyist General Artist
I think Sweetie Belle's talent is digging holes.
JNinelives's avatar
JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's so sad!
I know Apple Bloom is probably OK, but to see Sweetie Bell like that terrible.
And scoots is just like: *facehoof* lol :)
Ismalith's avatar
So over dramatic, just like her sister.
Supremechief's avatar
oww. this face palm is going to leave a mark
YesImDeadpool's avatar
YesImDeadpool General Artist
Sweetie Ditz strikes again. XD
kyuubinaruto18's avatar
This page made me laugh. I loved it!
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
Thank you.:-) 
DeeJay1993's avatar
Their going to bury her alive!!!!
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
DeeJay1993's avatar
Yeah I found it after I sent you that comment ^^
ArcCahlon's avatar
ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
LMAO ok now it all makes sense. oh you silly fillies.
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
I have to upload all the link, sorry for this mystake, thank you for the fave too.:-) 
ArcCahlon's avatar
ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
my pleasure it was a good comic
K4nK4n's avatar
Seriously, Sweetie Belle??
karkovice1's avatar
They haven't even checked for a pulse, and they've already pronounced her dead and buried. Typical CMC! :P
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