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Quest for Apple Bloom part 8

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For this one, it was a real adventure, the power supply box of my computer was totally dead, now i changed it, and it's a new life for my little pc:) (Smile)
It was a very long time but the new part is finally here.

A special thanks for the one who make my english better,

part 7:
part 8:
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part14: Quest for Apple Bloom part 14
part15: Quest for Apple Bloom part 15
part16:Quest for Apple Bloom part 16t
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part18:Quest for Apple Bloom part 18t
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Zecora is not a bad option.
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HattertheThirdStudent General Artist
What kind of hospital says "Well, time for us to close for a month, it's not like disease doesn't take vacations!"
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MoppyPuppy's avatar
Stupid premise, Derpy can't deliver mail.
Sturmlion1's avatar
So they are completely ignoring the hospital? Or did the Doc take the nurses on VK with him?
CommanderEX's avatar
Nice that they are considering doctor before zecora, though Ponyville still have hospital, maybe this is where they should go next.

Also, Derpy sure looks great in that uniform.
Nova225's avatar
The moment when you realize ''someone'' forgot that the world could contain more than 1 adult... Also, 'Instant ghost town', just add 'nothing'.
Knewred's avatar
So... the doctor went on holiday... without a replacement.

If that's not illegal in equine society, it should be. What if there was an emergency? Like you know, right now?
fotland42's avatar
It's okay, you've already broken most of the way through the door. He may not be there, but his tools of healing are still inside. What else do you need?
iamthejam's avatar
Why don't they take her to the hospital?
FralLeman's avatar
Just what I was wondering.  Maybe the Apple family doesn't have health insurance?
fotland42's avatar
I always got the sense that Equestria had socialized health care. It seems like something 'Tia would insist on providing for her subjects.
YesImDeadpool's avatar
YesImDeadpool General Artist
Now this is kinda getting grim.
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:iconderpy-hooves: :iconsays3plz: If you need a Doctor, I know just the one!

:icondoctorfacehoofplz: :iconsays3plz: DERPY! For the last time, I am not that kind of DOCTOR...

:iconderpynoesplz: :iconsays3plz: Oops, my baaaad!

I just HAD to do this! Sorry! :D

BTW, Scoots pounded that door so hard, she almost broke a hole in it. =P
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
No need to be sorry for a good joke .:-) 
I don't want to make apologize for my comic.:-) 
karkovice1's avatar
I just wasn't sure how you would take that.

Just my love of the DerpyWhooves ship showing. :D
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
No problem, i like the ship Derpy/Doctor whouves, or the idea that Dinky was the daugther of Derpy.:-) 
karkovice1's avatar
And according to one artist on here, Pokey Pierce is Dinky's father. :)
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
One of my favorite pony artist, Sorcerushorserus. :-) 
karkovice1's avatar
AH, you know her as well! :D
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
I think it's the first artist who i watched, two years ago.:D (Big Grin) 
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JohnnyxLunaHobbyist Photographer
still don't understand fully what is happening here.
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
Do you need help? Juste in case, have you read the 7 over parts?
JohnnyxLuna's avatar
JohnnyxLunaHobbyist Photographer
I am. Still don't get it what's happening to bloom
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