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Quest for Apple Bloom part 17.2t

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© 2014 - 2020 jeremy3
A special  thanks for, Without him, my comic strip would look like as my comments, poor and full of english mistake,
if you find one, it's because i forget it

part 7:
part 8:
part13: Quest for Apple Bloom part 13
part14: Quest for Apple Bloom part 14
part15: Quest for Apple Bloom part 15
part16:Quest for Apple Bloom part 16t
part17:Quest for Apple Bloom part 17.2t
part18:Quest for Apple Bloom part 18t

i just re-drow all this part, because the first files was corrupted, but it's ok now, that improve my skill.:D (Big Grin) 
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Fight girl again.
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Well she seemed dead at the time.
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Starsword Writer
Thank goodness Apple bloom is out of danger and also that she didn't get prematurely buried by Sweetie Belle.  Still, it's driving me crazy that we STILL don't know why she's sick in the first place. I must know, damn it! I must! >_<
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"He kept her waiting for two hours"

Sure, it's not like he was freaking busy stabilising Bloom's condition, you ungrateful orange clod!!
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ThatpaperhatHobbyist General Artist
awesome can't wait for the next page. =)
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
The new part is on like.:-) 
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... Why the hell didn't Applebloom just go home if she was freezing and didn't feel well? She can't possibly be that dumb...
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She was having too much fun with her friends.  I'm guessing that this sickness started to really hit her during a rest break between their games.  So she was far too exhausted to simply go back home.  This is assuming that she wasn't sick before they started playing of course, so she was fine enough to go out and play with her friends at the start.
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now they argument about who is dumber xD
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Well, for finding it deserved to yell at a doctor who just spend the last two hours treating patients, and saving Applebloom,
I'd say Scoots deserves a "stupid pony" award. And a slap in the face to teach her manners and good sense.
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xD good opinion
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
Best good friends ever.:-) 
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad you have such a positive attitude to having the original files lost! :)
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
I don't have the choice if i want to finish this comic.:-) 
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:iconapplebloomwtfplz: :iconsays3plz: Bury me ALIVE???
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
Scootaloo Smile sprite yes, you want to see the hole ?
Sweetie Belle not amused sprite it was not a hole, moreThan a grave!
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:iconapplebloomwtfplz: :iconsays3plz: Ah need ta find some new friends...

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E-guardiasHobbyist Digital Artist
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
Next part planed for next week, if i don't have new problem of files corrupted.:-) 
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E-guardiasHobbyist Digital Artist
Gracias señor.
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Ok, stop fighting scootaloo sweetie bell, this is not the best momment to  have an argument. 
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
but what if they can get there cutie marks in arguing? 
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they tried....... didn't work
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