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Quest for Apple Bloom part 15

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© 2014 - 2020 jeremy3
A special  thanks for, Without him, my comic strip would look like as my comments, poor and full of english mistake,
if you find one, it's because i forget it

Sorry "everypony" No part for next week, i'm going to be in vacancy.

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part15: Quest for Apple Bloom part 15
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How sweet.
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Flower-HorseHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh god, she's gonna die with more warm hugs.
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Poor girl, she's trying to be strong.
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You know, she might be contagious.
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KennyMcCormixHobbyist General Artist
Hugs! All the hugs! :dummy:
karkovice1's avatar
AWWW. The feels. :)

Also, the tears suddenly dissapeared from the first panels to the last. ;)
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
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mrbishop92Hobbyist Digital Artist
is there more i like it

stay classy
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CJPfingstenHobbyist General Artist
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Just read the whole comic. So far I'm enjoying it!
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
So glad to reading that, and thanks for the watch.:-) 
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EOWDTStudent Filmographer
oh <3 this was a very nice comic, i liked it and i'm looking forward for the continuation.
The only downside are the jokes, that feel a little out of place.

btw: "my comic strip would look like has my comments". You're supposed to use "as". "Has" is the verb "avoir".

jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
I'm glad you like it.:-) 
I think that without these jokes it would have been very too sad to follow, but I can make a mistake, thank you for your comment.:-) 
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EOWDTStudent Filmographer
well, it depends on the moment. If you're going for something sad a joke feels out of place.
You can add a joke in a sad moment, but it's quite hard.
For example, you can make some jokes while they wait for the medical response and sweetie and scoot tries invain to enlight the mood. But even that is hard to pull out.

Now, i'm not a professional critic, i'm just suggesting how you could improve your story. You are free to ignore my advices.
They're all my impressions.

p.s.: are you french, right?
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
It is true that at the beginning I had difficulty in choosing the orientation of the comic, the first 5 parts were based on of the comic comedy, then I forked on of the most serious, but I was afraid of annoying those who had liked these parts.

I thank you for your advices, I think of taking myself there otherwise for the next comic strips.

And yes i'm french.
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You have great English skills ;-)
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
J'ai la chance d'être bien entouré, en anglais comme en francais;) (Wink) 
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TyTyTecStudent Digital Artist
 God dang it Apple Bloom! Live, LIVE I SAY!
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First the early grave digging and now this. You make Sweetie Belle so amusing in this story. And Apple Bloom is just thinking "Keep telling yourself that, Scootaloo."

One question thought. Apple Bloom said she wanted "another" warm hug, but between this panel and the last there was no "first" hug, so shouldn't it just be "A" warm hug
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
If i want to define this 3 fillys
Scootaloo is strongh
Sweetie is the heart
Apple bloom is the head of this trio

The first hug is in part 2.:-) 
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think I'm dying of cuteness! :iconsweetiecutie-plz:
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
The better way for dying. :-) 
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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raelin11Hobbyist General Artist
So cute!
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