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Quest for Apple Bloom part 13

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Published: October 3, 2014
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For the one who want to know why Scootaloo looks angry in the last panel, She just don't like the way of witch the doctor speak to Derpy.
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A special  thanks for, Without him, my comic strip would look like has my comments, poor and full of english mistake,
if you find one, it's because i forget it
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and another page hits EqD 
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dSanaHobbyist Digital Artist
I really love how you draw Scoot's wings!
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Nice bedside manner.
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Starsword Writer
I don't know if Derpy is wrong to freak out at the doctor or not. It's pretty cruel of him to leave her in suspense when Apple bloom's life is on the line. Am I wrong to think this?
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I think You're wrong and right at the same time, if you think to derpy, You're right,waiting so long all allone...
If you think to the doctor, the Apple Bloom disease do not allow him the time for inform Derpy, and Derpy understand that because She calms down, then apologizes.:-)
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I can't decide if 2 hours is an understatement or an overstatement Shrug 
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2 hours it's the real time who spent Derpy to wait for the girl or for the doctor.:-) 
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BillblokHobbyist General Artist
Instead of "Not need to say it", try "No need to say it".

Okay, nitpicking done.
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I have to fix that. Thank you.:-) 
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Typical hospital waiting room. =P
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MidnightFire1222Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice page, though shouldn't it be 'everypony' in the last panel?
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OmentallicHobbyist Digital Artist
Nope, everypony replaces everybody, not everyone
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MidnightFire1222Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah okay.
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man... How can Derpy be so less punctual? :lol:
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Last panel: "NO" need to say it. Not "NOT" need to say it.
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I fix that tomorow, or monday, thank you.
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she willlll be fineeeee
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Part 12's thumbnail ain't working.
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Damn it..... I thought we know in this part if Applebloom is ok
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No, it's planed for the part 14 and part 15.:-) 
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