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Everfree part 9 EN

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With the great help of for correcting and rephrasing.

first part:
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So it was a mistake...
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Mrzeromaster95Student Artist
Jesus Christ why is everyone so gloomy, what happend to parties and happines 24/7 ? : |
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
It's certainly because or me, i like story like that, sorry.:-) 
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
death by mail delivery, what a way to die.
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Today is Purge Day in the Everfree. If a monster catches you there today, you will be forced to watch terrible movies about dystopian futures until your eyes explode, blowing off half your skull. Also your visual cortex might liquefy and melt through your brain stem and spine, depending on how insulating your mane is.

So it's ironic that Derpy of all ponies is complaining that Trissie wants her to die. Her strabismus would give her a non-negligable chance of surviving with only minor brain damage.
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Oh no! Not THOSE movies! I wouldn't last two minutes!
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Haha, if Trissie really wanted to kill Derpy, she should've sent her to find Discord.
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That turned dark rather quickly.
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What would the day matter? And if Zecora has such issues with mail delivery make her get a PO Box!
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JetPowerFIEHobbyist General Artist
That is quite a bit of hostility, sir.
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Its not her fault, its the fans.
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JetPowerFIEHobbyist General Artist
Since this isn't redit, I'l just verbally give you a +1 Pup
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ChaosDX1Student General Artist
Yeah, but your co-worker had to deliver a Gala invitation to Discord in the Chaos Vortex.
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
Yes that was fun, hope Discord finaly decide to put him out of this place.:-) 
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I can't help but hear her dialogue in the breathy sort of voice she has in Episode 100. 
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Oh my this is interesting I do hope the CmC will be alright.
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Derpy responds is depressing as Buck
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Wait, so she put this letter into her bag by accident, but wouldn't placing it in bag of other mailpony just as dangeorus? Ditzy/Derpy at least have a body of steel.
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Maybe she would of held it back for a safer day.
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
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sweetymimy22Hobbyist General Artist
aaww don't say that derpy :(
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