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As always, a big thanks for for the corrections and the rephrasing.

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HOLY MOLA... CALL THE ROYAL GUARD, CALL THE AMBULANCE, CALL... actually who do we call in this situation?
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Annnnnnnnd DEAD!
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I get it's the land of magical talking horses, but with that speed she would leave but a grey-and-red splatter on the ground, with some feathers sticking menacingly out of it...

Unless the ground is made of rubber, which it probably is based on how Derpy bounced off of it. ;)
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I see you failed to prepare your wings for a crash.

That's okay, Dash can probably manage to carry you for long enough.
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The shield got punched through like it got hit with an AP round... ^^; :XD:
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DanteKFreemanStudent General Artist
uhh... ouch.
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That's gonna need a lot of band-aids.
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OOooohhhhh. That's gonna leave a mark. 
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I am amused there are more of this Comic *Grabs Popcorn* 
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Luckily, pegasus is built like brick.
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
Derpy is a skinkneed Pony now.
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
if i may, what is a skinkneed, i don't find traduction in french and my vocabulary is extremely poor.:) (Smile) 
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
Tried a made-up word, guess it didn't work :p
Skinned Knee=Skinny
A skinned knee is when you scrape the skin off your legs, usually after falling.
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
Oh No, maybe it work With people who have enough vocabulary, I didn't Know the words " skinny" and " knee",  I steel need a online translator when my knowledge is not enough for express my purpose.:-) 
So thank you for this explanation.:-) 
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
You're welcome!
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aww poor derpy.. T.T... im sure she will be ok just a bit roughed up...
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I know Derpy was only concerned and flew too fast but Derpy in the future leave the rainbooms to the expert. And I really hope she not hurt to badly. And Ouch.
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sigel4everStudent General Artist
that hurts!
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adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist
That's going to hurt in the mornin'. :iconapplejackgrossplz:
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KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
well, i thought something similar when i watched the finale of the 5th season of Winx Club yesterday and Tritannus (a toxic waste eating fish mutant) killed his brother. unfortunately for him, Layla was around, and she was like "oh no u didnt just do that..." then she launched an attack at Tritannus and the only thing in my mind was…
i mean, if he felt anything after getting hit, it would most likely be pain.
adamlhumphreys's avatar
adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist
I've heard of that series, just haven't seem much. :O I have seen the Wyrd Sisters movie though, (I guess it was a series at one point?).
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