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Everfree part 19EN

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As always, a big thanks for Scootabyte for the corrections and the rephrasing.

first part: 
Everfree part 1 EN by jeremy3Last part:Everfree part 18 EN by jeremy3Next part: Everfree part 20en by jeremy3
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The brown one is just too adorable :D
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
Oh thank you so much, it's one of my OC created for this comic, and i'm prety glad of it.:-) 
Animatorsnake's avatar
the first panel i was like "DAMN SON!"
fotland42's avatar
That is rather an imposing treecastle.

But you'll have to get over your fear; the Princess of Friendship lives within, and you must speak with her, ergo you must enter in order to speak with her.
tigreanpony's avatar
So very cute, nicely done.
FralLeman's avatar
So cute, and funny!
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
And much bodily fluid was released that day, lol
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Lol. She got scared.
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DraguniqueHobbyist General Artist
Twilight, the major cause of startlment induced heart attacks in Ponyville...

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DingoPatagonicoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Isn`t a big trouble for twilight  being a princess XD she is still the books says XD
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MustLoveFrogsProfessional General Artist
"Great Thaethar'th ghotht, Mommy! Let hoof meet door for heaven'th thake!" :0
IcarusHector's avatar
IcarusHectorHobbyist Writer
It took me a full minute to figure out what "Thaethar'th" was. My first guess was some sort of eldritch abomination.

Followed by me wondering what the ponified Caesar would be called anyway?
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MustLoveFrogsProfessional General Artist
Then Twist made you think and got her way.  B)
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
Hehe, the door for heaven or the door for meet her favorite princess in the world.:-) now it's praticly the same for Trissie.
MustLoveFrogs's avatar
MustLoveFrogsProfessional General Artist
"My mother is a huge fan. Pleathe autograph her mailbag."
"Twist, don't bother the princess!"
"Ooh, altho, Apple Bloom et al are in mortal peril."
"WHAT! Trissie, why didn't you tell me?!"
" T_T "
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jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
I have something different planed for next part, but this, is really cool:-) 
MustLoveFrogs's avatar
MustLoveFrogsProfessional General Artist
I'm just being silly. X3
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Twilight Sparkle - Princess of sneaking up on ponies and heart attacks.

You have a great style! And particularly love the perspective on the castle in the first panel.
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
Yes I like it too, but that was a real torture to draw.;-) 
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storm-shieldHobbyist Traditional Artist
LA gasp the princess
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SnoopyStallionHobbyist Digital Artist
and suddenly ... twilight XD dun dun duuun 

looks really nice so far :) 
jeremy3's avatar
jeremy3Hobbyist Artist
THank you.:-) 
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