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Everfree part 106en

English is not my first language,  if you find mistake or error, please notice me.
I'll make the change as soon as I can.

Thanks for the help to:

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your curiosity will end up killing everyone.

Just let Trixie work. How would you feel if somepony was trying to ask you questions while you were in the middle of complicated magic?
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Calling it, this is Trixie.
ilvbrownies's avatar
I agree that or perhaps starlight.
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Oh punaise, je viens juste de tout lire, c’est génial :o
jeremy3's avatar
Et bien un grand merci.😊
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Well this is interesting, so if this is Trixie's ghost then what happened to her that she is part of the supernatural now. This is getting really good looking forward to the next page.
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In Panel 3, it is 'lives' and not 'lifes'.
In Panel 4, 'asides' does not have a 's' at the end.

Apparently, everyone else thinks this is trixie. But i doubt it.
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Thanks, I will change that on monday.
Yes, Trixie have so many fan.:) (Smile) 
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:icontrixiecrunchysiplz: Stop being a know it all! Baka! 
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
GlitterQueen's avatar
hmmm who is she?
Element0fKindness's avatar
Tri . . . . . but . . . . . . . but that would mean . . .

RupertBlueFox's avatar
I swear the ghost is Trixie. But who knows? *shrugs*
Anyway, great comic series! ;-)

Looking to see how it all ends!
heathfiedler's avatar
Looks like Trixie.
DracoBlair's avatar
My money's on A not so Great, but apparently Powerful pone here
TrueFrenzy's avatar
Few Pointers for your english:

1st Pannel 1stBubble: I think it would be better to use "I said more than I wanted to say"  than "I said more that what I wanted"

3rd Pannl 1st Bubble: "We owe you our lifes"  3rd Bubble "... saved us 'a' few minutes ago..."

Love your comic and can't see what comes next.

NovemberLilly's avatar
I think the first panel should be "I said more than what I wanted"

The rest looks good:)

I'm exited to see who this mystery pony is^^
YAG0K0R0's avatar
1er panneau: "I said more that what I wanted"
2nd: friends
4ème: "Exepting" passerait mieux en "asides from"

il y en a peut-être d'autres mais je suis trop fatigué pour bien me concentrer

sinon le poney c'est Trixie?
jeremy3's avatar
Merci beaucoup en tout cas.:) (Smile)

Et la vie est faite de possibilité.:D (Big Grin) 
YAG0K0R0's avatar
intéressant ;)

Et de rien!
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