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Lucient and Jo jo by Jeremy-Burner Lucient and Jo jo by Jeremy-Burner
The two on the left are me and my brothers dungeons and dragons character tokens.

The guy on the far left is Joshua's palidin Lucient. In general he is a polite noble born tank and leader, skilled in the art of punching people in the face, really, REALLY, hard. He also shrugs off damage like its nobodies buisness.

The Guy right next to him is mine. His name is Jo-jo, the Black Cat and he is a monk and martial arts expert cursed with bad luck. He loves jokes, pranks, and any kind of shinanigans. Also he is a bit naïve and has a general upbeet always full glass kind of attitude... accept when he gets wet. he hates water and cant swim... like at all. Also for the most part Lucient and the party kind of just put up with his antics... accept maybe for Dumas. Jo-jo and Dumas got a bit of a bromance goin.

As for the rest. still getting to know them. hopefully they keep hiring me to make them figurines :aww:
TimPlazasta Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
cursed with bad luck, this ought to be interesting!
Jeremy-Burner Featured By Owner Edited Mar 2, 2017  Student Digital Artist

He's certainly a lot of fun to play with. Last quest Jojo and the group got invited to a ball but the punch was spiked with a sleeping draft. Fortunately for Jojo he is immune to poison, Unfortunately for everyone else Jojo had a sharpie in his pocket, which he then abused to its absolute hilarity... only then did he bother trying to wake anyone up. After the boss fight was over Lucient and a few of the other party members were invited to talk with some of the royalty and high ranking officials. While that was going on Jojo and Dumas snuck away while no one was watching, walked into the first bar they could find and had a drinking competition. When party finally found the two fo them, Jojo was passed out under a table and Dumas wasn't doing much better. Sadly the two of them only stopped drinking because the establishment ran out of alcohol.

TimPlazasta Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
My god XD
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