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Ok well probably no-one will read this but if I imagine that writing it might clarify my purposes, at least it will have served for something. Art is basically creation. Creating an effect is the highest purpose in this universe. An artist CAN create an effect, good or bad, with his or her art. There may or may not be a clear intention to create that effect on others, or just a desire to create for one's own pleasure. I see other closet artists work and I think it's really good while they think it's rubbish and hide it under the bed. I haven't really clarified my purpose for creating my artworks, other than it might please or annoy others and if it does, then it was probably worth doing...

With that said, I'll upload my deviations for you all and open my heart to your comments and critiques.

It's an amazing place DA, can lose yourself in a fantastic world of multiverse and the TALENT! OMG!

yours humbly....