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Still here!

Reached Strip#105 in the SnowGlobe storyline...and events are drawing to spectacular conclusions,slowly but surely. If you start from the beginning of it,all I can do is ask you to bear with the shoddiness of the first 40 strips or so. I had no idea I was tobe forced to draw in waiting rooms and bowling alleys for the past year and a half,so I did what I could with ballpoint pens,a sketchbook and too much free time. Later strips had photoshopped lettering,and someday I may revisit the whole thing and make it a sellable graphic novel. Not soon. But I strive to make what I DO post "worthy",more or less,and I more or less succeed. The story is what keeps me going,and it should be enough to make youkeepcoming back.More or less!
Added 11 more to the website for the SnowGlobe series,and making that the feature on the homepage. I wish I had the time to make the more produced strips,but these I can knock off in a few days,so more reason for folk to check it out more often. I also experimented with using different ballpoint pens with these,one far darker than the other,and the effects are startling...more to come!

Hiya folks! Braving the digital waters here at long last. I'll post some original art here on occasion,but most of my stuff will be at my webcomic's homepage: . Lots to enjoy and more on the way!


Come and See!