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'grassland' camo

Camo for european landscapes, with some gradient treatment.
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I really like the brush/lizard look this has, and your use of a overprint-based gradients is very cool. It also looks like it would be effective!
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It was my first "working" pattern, and now I see it's flaws: lack of bigger macropattern, and too many colours used.
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This looks nice!

One problem though i see with this is the cost to print.
it has 10+ separate colors. 0.o
More colors makes it more costly to print in my experience.
But those extra colors especially the in-between colors on the shapes overlaping each other does help add that layer/preception effect though....

I decided to mess around with your camo and make two quick digi versions of it.
just for funs. :D
I proclaim them as yours since a quick digi edit doesn't make them mine.


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It's only 5 colours, in layers, one on another. All gradients are based on overprints, that can be achieved by dithering effect ([link]). Maybe not as effective as on this picture, but can be (even i Multicam gradients aren't real gradient, am I right?). Also, I think that your digital treatment of this isn't much effective: shapes are less natural, and "pixel micropattern" don't replaces sufficiently well gradient overprints.
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Yea, the digi version wasn't really better than the original design.
I tested it out in PS when i made it.

I was just doing it for fun and to be part of my testing comparing digi designs to complex non digi designs like the british camo,multicam, and etc.
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I love this one. If I could get this printed on Cordura I would and start making pouches and tac gear out of it.
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I was looking to get a design I'm working on printed on Nylon Cordura, but that only companies that do it have 3000 yard+ minimum orders :fork:
A much cheaper option is to get it printed on 500D-1000D polyester, which is more abrasion resistant than nylons according to some sources. Also, Digital Textile Printing firms can print onto polyester, with no huge minimums.

Nylon is usually printed using a form of screen printing (expensive) and it can't hold up to the heat used in the Digital Textile Printing process (like a giant inkjet, but with high pressure steam at one end to set the dyes)
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You just blew my mind man
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