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Destiny Star Compilation 02 by JereduLevenin Destiny Star Compilation 02 :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 31 1 Destiny Star Compilation 01 by JereduLevenin Destiny Star Compilation 01 :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 23 0 Final Encounter by JereduLevenin Final Encounter :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 121 5 Destiny Star Emblems by JereduLevenin Destiny Star Emblems :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 28 2 Survivor's Guilt by JereduLevenin Survivor's Guilt :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 63 4 Crossover: Tales of Destiny x Tales of Zestiria by JereduLevenin Crossover: Tales of Destiny x Tales of Zestiria :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 38 1 Shine by JereduLevenin Shine :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 20 0 Shepherds by JereduLevenin Shepherds :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 32 4 Sleep by JereduLevenin Sleep :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 73 16 Ruffled Feathers by JereduLevenin Ruffled Feathers :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 122 8 His Heart Will Go On by JereduLevenin His Heart Will Go On :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 43 4 Sorry, Chal by JereduLevenin Sorry, Chal :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 24 1 Vanitas by JereduLevenin Vanitas :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 79 5 The Horizon Dancer, Zestiria inspired Morgul Wolf by JereduLevenin The Horizon Dancer, Zestiria inspired Morgul Wolf :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 71 5 Iiiiit's back by JereduLevenin Iiiiit's back :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 28 8 Not quite the Hero you were expecting by JereduLevenin Not quite the Hero you were expecting :iconjeredulevenin:JereduLevenin 212 27


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Destiny Star Compilation 02
Here we have another compilation of illustrations from the massive Destiny Star crossover sci-fi AU. At the top is an 'old photograph' featuring the humans upon whom the Swordian Weapon AI modules were based:
Pierre de Chaltier
Igtenos Minarde
Laville Clemente
Dymlos Timber
Atwight Eks

This dump is mainly Tales of Destiny characters, but there IS a height chart showing the projected respective heights of Sync the Tempest, Leon Magnus, Chaltier (the Swordian), Jade Curtiss, and Luke fon Fabre

The rest of the images are of Stahn Aileron, Leon Magnus, and Chaltier. 

The large ship is the Tartarus, an experimental dreadnought capable of performing subspace jumps without the use of a Worldgate.
The smaller ship is Dymlos, the Swordian Weapon. Dymlos is a sentient, fully aware AI housed within a unique craft designed by Harold Belserius well over a thousand years ago. 
Destiny Star Compilation 01
Here we have a compilation of various illustrations for the massive Destiny Star sci-fi crossover AU --  This one mainly features Luke fon Fabre and Commander Jade Curtiss (Tales of the Abyss), but also included are:

Jude Mathis (Tales of Xillia)
Pascal (Tales of Graces)
Garr Kelvin || Woodrow Kelvin (Tales of Destiny)
Igtenos Minarde (Tales of Destiny)
Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia)
Dymlos Timber (Tales of Destiny)
Final Encounter
More Destiny Star!  The joint effort to find and permanently seal away the Eye of Atamoni leads our intrepid heroes to a long forgotten corner of the galaxy, to the ruins of Dycroft. Unbeknownst to the team, they've been tailed by Hugo Gilchrist, who has been overtaken by Belserius's madness and has become a horrible amalgamation of man and machine. 

It's an intense battle, and I didn't really have room to include everyone, so here we just see Leon Magnus, Luke fon Fabre, Jade Curtiss, and Stahn Aileron. 
Destiny Star Emblems
In case you don't follow me on Tumblr, I have a massive Tales crossover Sci-Fi AU called Destiny Star.  

Most of the art for it consists of a bunch of black and white sketches, but rather than upload all of those separately, I'll compile a lot of that into large artdumps for uploading here. 

In any case, these logos are something like "cover art" for the AU. 

The first features Stahn and Dymlos (Tales of Destiny)
The second features Leon and Chaltier (Tales of Destiny) 
The third features Jade and Luke (Tales of the Abyss)
Survivor's Guilt
"Ginji, honey, you know that's not your fault."

Luke and Natalia aren't the only ones who would grieve.   

(Ginji and Noir don't get enough love.  This is for a little something I'm working on, which involves Eldrant, Ginji, and survivor's guilt.)


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