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The princess of an isolated tribe of magic-wielding Norsemen, Tora Olafsdotter has the natural ability to create and manipulate ice.

Ice's personality was a mix of girl-next-door wholesomeness and innocent-abroad naiveté, which served as a contrast to the impulsive, libidinous traits of her friend and teammate Fire. The two changed their names from Green Flame and Icemaiden to Fire and Ice.

Ice served with the Justice League International for years (remaining with the American branch even after a European branch was opened), occasionally dated Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and expressed an open crush (albeit unrequited) on Superman after he joined the team. Ice was present at Superman's death (in Superman #75). She was one of the few Justice Leaguers still standing after Doomsday, Superman's killer, had mauled the team.

Ice fell under the mental influence of the villainous Overmaster, an alien being who destroyed worlds he did not find worthy. During a JLA confrontation, Ice broke free of his mental control and was slain by Overmaster. Mark Waid, who wrote those issues, has admitted that the death was a mistake.

Before her death, Ice displayed enhanced powers. This was after a battle with her brother, who had tried to conquer Ice's homeland.

After her death, Guy Gardner smashes his way into her home city to pay his respects. Ice's mother, Queen Olaf, assures Guy that due to the happiness he brought her daughter, he is welcome at any time. Queen Olaf calls him 'son'.

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This character looks very interesting! never heard of her