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Rainbow Dash Plushie 2

By Jequila
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My second take on Rainbow Dash :) This was a commission for ~Sconeboy, who was very good about me taking so long ^^; Never commission me if you're in a hurry, it's just not going to happen :iconotlplz:

Anyway, I'm really pleased with how she came out. I think I re-did everything at least once before I was happy, haha. I'm so over ponies right now though.
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Yay! It's Dashie! :happybounce: She looks awesome :giggle:
M-FIX's avatar
She reminds me of a plushie I got, Rainbow Dash is flying though. I wish mine wasn't falling apart so easily... maybe I can get one from you at some point... anyways... Good Job,, She looks awesome, and 20% Cooler :D
Jequila's avatar
Aw thanks :) That's a shame about your Rainbow Dash, I don't make these any more though. 
ExplosiveJesus's avatar
I'd be willing to pay good money for this.
Jequila's avatar
It was a commission, so she already has a new home :)
Omega-Scorch's avatar
how can i possibly acquire one?
Jequila's avatar
My commissions are now closed, sorry :)
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hey you may not answer me but im also making a rainbow dash for my friend as practice but im stuck on how to draw the middle part of the pattern (you know that bit that goes down the middle of the face and underneath and stuff .. sorry not good at explaining XD) .. i was hoping you could help me out with this ... (its my first time making a plushie)
Jequila's avatar
Mine was just trial and error... I can't really help without giving you my pattern but I'm not giving it out :P I suggest googling for free MLP patterns and comparing yours to theirs.
jadiel9's avatar
ooooo okies :D ill do that :D thanks ^^ ... and haha thats fine :L
happymew14's avatar
omg that is amazing how did u get the eyes and the cutie mark like that =3
Jequila's avatar
Quick fuse fabric sheets :)
Fallenpeach's avatar
Beautiful work :heart: :'DD She looks amaaazing
StunnerMan's avatar
:icontakemymoneyplz: TAKE MY MONEY!
Amber-SquirtleLuv's avatar
This is awesome! You said below that you don't take commissions, but just out of curiosity, how much would you usually charge for something like this?
TyrannosaurusLincoln's avatar
How much does your commissions cost?
Jequila's avatar
I am not currently taking commissions :) Sorry.
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MeowthRocket's avatar

God.... I want one so much....
Sebastian1314's avatar
This is awesome!!! =D How do you do it???
Jequila's avatar
But seriously, just trial and error :P
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