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CTV-30 Condor Dropship

Designed by the Ahrugan-Freeman conglomerate Daedelus Aerospace, the Condor was its innaugural vessel, the first to come out of the shipyards for sale. Built from the ground-up to fill the mission-variable heavy-lift armoured Orbit-to-Surface transport role in high demand by mercenary companies, it has exceeded its developers' wildest expectations.
Able to carry a platoon internally (42 troops) along with accomodations for the three-man crew, it is built more like a patrol ship or corvette. With the addition of mission-variable modules on the wings, this vessel can carry up to a company of troops, or a platoon of powered armor troops, or eight battlewalkers, or four grav tanks. The modules can also carry cargo, missile clusters, ASMs (two per wing), hab modules, portable hospitals, or even a brace of interceptors for patrols.
What makes the Condor so valuable is its easy transition from dropship to light Freetrader or Privateer. The Condor has all of the structural support necessary for the installation of a jump engine, expanded crew quarters, and galley, etc. At the expense of about half of the troop bay. Using external cargo pods, the interior space can be made quite luxurious for a three-man crew, making this ship a likely successor to the shuttle-cum-Freetrader Pelican. Thick armour plating comparable to a privateer vessel certainly doesn't hurt its selling points, either.
With a cargo capacity of one million cubic feet between the two pods, this vessel can carry tremendous amounts of cago for a vessel under 62m in length, making it very valuable indeed
Weapons will vary by owner
But it has four light naval turret hardpoints, two medium naval turret hardpoints, and six point-defense weapon turrets

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Mermanwatch's avatar

Reminds me of a landing ship from Robotech.

sailingauora's avatar
What happened to Guppy I?
Jepray's avatar
We....*sniff* ...we ...we don't talk about it... *sobs *
Graphitedriver001's avatar
Very nice rendition!
Jepray's avatar
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I look at it, and I'm seeing a certain dropship from a certain old anime, But, I like the smoother defined organics lines you have drawn into the image.
Jepray's avatar
Lol. You would be correct that this ship is in fact based on that other ship in that certain old anime, but i want this one to survive its first encounter with the enemy instead of having all of them blown out of the sky...:D
Hellstorm888's avatar
>_> Its beautiful. A perfect merging of form and function. The only way I can think of anything similar is to take a halo pelican and extend it to have a rear bay.
Jepray's avatar
Thanks, it is based on a Robotech ship, but that thing was Invid food... this one at least has some self defensive weapons...
Mrkirby2's avatar
It would be scary inside those boxes lol, dunno what your fate is or how well the ship is doing.
Breandan-OCiarrai's avatar
speaking from experience of having flown into, out-of, and around Iraq and other similar spots, you put it out of your mind as best you can. Frankly, in the end, there's not much you CAN do except hope your pilot and gunners know what they are doing. The difference here is that the modules have heavy armour and their own shield generators, Chinooks and Blackhawks don't :D
Mrkirby2's avatar
Maybe the next version should have windows. lol jk
Jepray's avatar
Yup, never know whats going on outside the dropship on the way down, just pray the pilots know what they are doing...
I am reminded heavily of a Horizont Transport from MOSPEADA, aka Robotech:Invid Invasion. Nicely done artwork.
Breandan-OCiarrai's avatar
I wanted something that performed the same job- dropping down and deploying modules from under the wing- but with the toughness of Dark Nova technology instead of the flying wet-paper-sack tech of the Horizonts :D
Jepray's avatar
That was the general ideal for it, based on those ill fated transports from Mospeada...
DireWolf2K's avatar
At first glance, I thought this was some sort of epic space tank. But it turns out just to be an epic starship that carries tanks. Just as awesome.

Love the design
Jepray's avatar
lol, yeah, maybe i should redesign the cargo boxes..or add tracks to them...not sure which why i should go with
wabitgirl's avatar
Initially, I thought it was carrying a Tank. Then I realized that it's just cargo. Hell, it's still awesome.
Jepray's avatar
lol, yeah this one has a cargo container, but i can carry mission oriented packages, like just a mecha carrier, holds about 5-6 heavy mecha, or a tank hauler, or a GIANT bomb... what ever may be needed in short notice and be dropped with this ship... A giant tank is possible too:D
wabitgirl's avatar
Mmmh...giant tank. I want one of those, right about now. Or a mecha. Wouldn't object to a mecha either. :D
miklosgo's avatar
Very nice model.
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