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It's been a while without any work. This one is for ~traffic-cone for being my 50,000nd visitor. Better late than never, eh? Sorry it's taken so long but it will be on its way to Aussiland soon soon soon!

No photoshop except adding noise and cropping. It is as it is in real life. It's loosely based on something older that never pleased me enough.

I'm going to go now and hide in the woods for a few days.
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i like this in a very odd way.

love the collage of things :)
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Thank you muchly much.
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wonderful piece.. i really like the contrast between her and the birds (and also the way you drew her face! <3 )
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it's snowwhite when she's all old, glamourous and mean.
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could be, could be! and a sex maniac too. walking around like that without any clothes on. tut tut tut..
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everyone is naked in her castle
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I saw her titties.
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ive been keeping it a secret but i tell you;
you can hide in peace now
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phenomenal :heart:
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wonderfully wonderful graphic style. love it!
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Thankies. Much appreciated.
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Very interesting idea :)
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Thank you. I wanted her to look sadder and more indecisive and less proud but what can you do.
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fabulous. I love it.
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yummy. bad news, not going to Europe :tears:, at least not during this summer
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Oh no. Money trouble? I won't be travelling much this summer either. I got a new job and I expect them to want me working a little bit as well...Bummer.
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Congratulations. I think. I hate working.
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