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Vampire Slayer

By JenZee
MAYBE a Vampire Slayer? Just free-painting on this one. It's been awhile since I let myself do that :). Weirdly enough I find myself in what I can only describe as an artist mid-life crisis. I'm sure most people/artists go through something similar  -  the only way through is to do more art maybe! Who am I as an artist these days? Time to find out! 

One thing is for sure... I miss drawing Bishonen! Anyone else miss the 90s style bishonen that appears to no longer exist? I'm talking the Sephiroth types. So hot, so beautiful, so masculine! I'm also very much in love with ink right now... I used to be very wary of the color black though am having quite a bit of fun with it these days.

Friends, how have YOUR inspirations and artistic tastes evolved over the years? :)
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I still miss those 90's bishonen too!  I think it's why i sculpt the guys I do, ha~
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I'm so happy hearing you're drawing for yourself~  Lots of hugs and comfort to you!!

I personally can't agree that the Sephiroth-types are out of style.  I'm immersed in otome games and idol boy games/anime and beautiful dudes with soft hair and long eyelashes are EVERYWHERE!!  It's wonderful.  And the very recent game, Nier Automata, has some very handsome dudes who look veeerrrrrryyy Sephiroth-inspired as major characters.  Take some time for yourself and play some more games - the dudes you're looking for are out there! 🤗
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HMM, I agree the Nier guys are maybe closer but a lot of the "pretty boys" of recent anime veer too effeminate in countenance AND behavior for me to feel any sort of attraction. I'm not sure what it is but the protagonists and villains of late feel rather emasculated to me...!
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Aaa I understand!!  I am totally guilty of that thing where because I am immersed in a whole lot of media with pretty boys, and so it feels like they are everywhere to me, but they are actually hardly visible to many other people. 😅  Plus a lot of these otome-based franchises have like 20+ characters, and SOME of them have got to be more masculine types so that they hit all of the archetypes and everyone who plays/watches can have a fave.

I did think of a couple more recent video games though!  Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has Jin and a few other characters (very few, since a greater emphasis of this game's character designs focus on Boobs™), and it isn't a coincidence that his character designer is Tetsuya Nomura, so the Sephiroth vibes are Strong. 😄 He even has the same Japanese voice actor as Cloud, it's kind of amazing.

There is also the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, which should have about 13 of them, give or take.
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this looks wonderful! I love the way you colored and painted this it looks amazing!
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yes yes yes yesssssss! i love this so much! and i do still adore the sephiroth types, he was one of my early bishonen crushes and is still in my heart today, 20 years later c: i think the details on the hands might be the best part of this for me. such nice lil sigils <3
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This shapes and composition amazing!
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It's easy to fall in ruts, I know for myself I've been pushing more and more to do traditional art. Dedicating my Instagram to mostly traditional ink/Copic marker content. I think the more we push ourselves into unfamiliar territories whether that's a medium or a style the more we discover who we are as an artist and reignite that passion. 

Not sure if my tastes have evolved I still love Dragonball and Animaniacs, but I think I've refined what I like about them and better know how to incorporate what I love about those into my art. 
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Can't agree more! DBZ will never go out of style, and in fact I find myself gravitating toward the stuff I used to love but for completely different reasons, now that I'm older and have a better understanding of my own inner workings and passions!
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I think that's one of the joys of growing older as an artist, finding the deeper understanding of why we do what we do. Your art is fantastic by the way the main design for Transistor still stands as one of my favorites from recent memory.
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Ooh yes. The tall dark and handsomes. Always loved them always will :D (Big Grin)  
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Your art is always so lovely! :)

Personally I've gravitated more away from darker, harsher art to a more lighthearted, fairy tale style (especially with my writing)
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he is indeed very handsome :) 
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Love this. The colours and everything. 
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Awesome! I love how shapes convey the lighting!
Bishounens for life!
These days you can only find them in a manga (or manhwa even), I guess? We'll sometimes natural process of evolution does makes some terrible mistakes. ))

PS: You can check out (if you've not done it already) She goes pretty heavy on a bishounens stuff!
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Thank you for the rec ;D! Bishies for lifeeee!!!
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I also miss 90s bishies XD Such flowy hair. Cool design, I really like the hand tattoos!
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You are my inspiration now *wink wink* but yes, cover art of Symphony of the Night is something unforgettable and I would love to see more of it. What comes to my mind when I think about change in bishonen style is westernization difference between old and new Dante in DmC, or even new Kratos in GoW. We are heading wroong way
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I get how you feel, I've been trying to discover what path I want to go with my art lately too. Pushing comfort zones and such.
This is super super cool! Very expressive, and I love the style. You're very talented, keep up the good work :)
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I know! Like Ayami Kojima's Castlevania designs!
My inspiration and artistic taste have involved through the years, but I think my own style it's deeply inspired by 70's bishônen manga, like "The Rose of Versailles" and "Glass Mask". ♥
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