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Transistor OST Album Art

Transistor, the game I've been Art Directing for the better part of the last three years will be OUT IN THREE DAYS! It doesn't seem real but hopefully those of you who enjoy video games and/or my work, Supergiant's work and/or THE THINGS ETC ETC will also find something to enjoy in what rest of the team and I have put a lot of effort into :). Here's the album art for the (awesome) soundtrack sans the logos and text treatments.

If you wanted to check out the game we just released a launch trailer:…

The game will be coming to both PS4 and Steam on May 20th! HOLD ONTO YER BUTTS, FRIENDS and thanks for taking a peak :)!
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your art was so enjoyable while playing this game
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I know this is an old post by now, but I've been a fan of the game for years now, and I just finished a play-through of it tonight. I have to know: does Red have medium length hair that's pinned up in an Art Deco/ 1920s style, or does she have short, bobbed hair? I've been scouring the artwork and I'm learning towards the former. As a cosplayer, it's killing me know being able to tell, haha. 
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I haven't had a chance to play the game, but I've fallen madly in love with the soundtrack so much that I bought it this morning to listen to at work. The art is also absolutely stunning. 
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This is another great piece of Art my dear

And I hope to see this at Christmas
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My boyfriend playded it *v* Your ART is Amazing! Im so happy dat i found you so can i learn from you ;D You made the whole atomsphere of the Game thouchable ...

 I was shocked about the (you know what i mean) ...In this Moment i knew dat i would cry myself to sleep tonight... QwQ 

"I will always find you
Like it's written in the stars
You can run, but you can't hide
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She looks like Lion-O from Thundercats.
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Oh my goodness I didn't know you were the art director for this-!! I found you through the Skullgirls in game art gallery! I love the art in transistor so much I brings me to tears and gives me chills!
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You did the art for this game? (And apparently some for bastion too?) These kind of games have never been my thing, but the soundtrack and the art have definitely made me think about buying these two...
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Fantastic job! You're an inspiration <3
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Wouaou, very impressive! Plus, I love the music of this game.
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This is gorgeous.
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really love this game
The soundtrack is perfect
your art is badass and the team made a pretty good game imo.
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some Klimt inspi somehow :heart:
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visual orgy for me THX
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absolut perfect art nouveau recovery
best work on game design I'm last seen in 10 years ago
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Thank you so much for bringing this gorgeous story to life. Your art is a breathaking inspiration and I hope to see it thrive!
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the art for this game is AMAZING! You've done a great job and truly inspired me through your work w00t! 
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I am batshit crazy for this game and it was your art that drew me to it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lots of wheat in transistor. Other than a probable country reference i wonder why its so prominent. darn the obscure storytelling darn ye.
My favorite art from the game. Thank you for posting this!

Transistor looks truly exceptional. Congratulations on being an incredible artist!
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lol , I find it and I got it . super cool !!
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