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Transistor... Hasshin!

It's here! The second game from the talented team I work with, Supergiant Games! I made this little thing to celebrate the launch of our second game :)! Infinite thanks to all my watchers and commenters for your excitement and support...! I hope any of you who play Transistor will enjoy the game as much as (or more than XD)I enjoyed working on it. A lot of time, effort and love went into this from the team and I hope it shows. Here's hoping we can continue to make more worlds, characters and experiences for a long time... eventually I want all that white space behind Red and the Kid to be filled :D!

It would be remiss for me not to mention the two incredible artists at Supergiant who I've had the immense pleasure of working with.  These guys are masters of their craft and deserve a lot of credit for making Transistor look the way it does <3 <3 <3:

FX/UI Artists/Motion Graphics: Josh Barnett, :icondarkhalo:
3D Animator/modeler: Camilo
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So, will this be updated to include Pyre?
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Hah this is so cute!
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The art direction for both transistor and bastion is great. As someone currently trying to teach himself 3d modelling I'm curious as to whether the character model for Red has modelled eyelids and eyeballs or whether they are painted on. It's hard to tell looking at her in the game as it is so zoomed out. I've never modelled a character before but I am thinking that if I get to the point where I can make some very tiny personal projects it might be a lot easier to paint all of the face details on including the eyes and just have a 2d blinking animation rather than a complicated rigged face. I'm not sure if you would know or have the time to reply to this but it would be great if you could give some feedback on my comment. It's understandable if you can't/are too busy.

Said it before and again that i love your work. Please contact me if you'd be interested in something full time and challenging for a gaming startup; PM me.
Thank you,
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One of my very favorite pieces from you :)
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Love it! I'd love to do a tribute piece to both these amazing games! :)
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I recently bought Bastion and Transistor. Honestly the most beautiful games I've ever played. 
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Thank you for your support <3!!
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the great debate continues to rage on, Circuit board sword VS Big ol Hammer  XD
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And now I desperately want a Bastion 2... Or Transistor 2... Just to have an excuse to see more of your wonderful artwork.
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This is...the cutest...thign...ever
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I've been following your art for a long while and I just finished playing these games off the PSN. They are the first games in over a decade I actually played entirely through multiple times. I LOVED them both and didn't realize they were the same developer until after purchasing Bastion (I know, backwards). It's such a wonderful feeling to see that an artist I very much enjoy worked on these great games I also very much enjoyed. Thanks for sharing your stuff on here!
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Cute! Reminds me a lot of this other game crossover art:…
This is so adorable and beautiful colors!!!
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Nice work and so much truth in it. Just played Bastion and now bought Transistor - Many parallels, 2 different worlds and a hell lot of fun. Amazingly captured in ur picture ;P
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Transistor and Bastion are both fantastic games!
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amazing game and amazing picture, reay amazing"!
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I just finished playing Transistor myself, and I just have to say, I loved every moment of it. Your artwork is FANTASTIC and it really, REALLY brought the characters to life.

Great job, and thank you for helping to create something this amazing!
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You work with Supergiant Games?! Insta-Watch. 
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I'd like to thank you quite sincerely for your contributions to the game. It wouldn't have been the same without your incredible artwork. I must also confess, it makes me feel rather inferior. I'm trying to get into the game industry, working my way there, starting with just opening up Unity, and art is most definitely a hurdle to jump. 
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Well done:)***Submitted to :iconcutieshots: For Your Approval***INVITE To Join On Your Front Page:)
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