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Three Furies

By JenZee
Taking the time to upload some art from Hades, the latest game from Supergiant that's currently in Early Access! Here are the three Fury sister minibosses. I loved working on their portraits! Thanks everyone who's been playing <3!
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Love it.

in soem depictions, their whips are actually stingray tailed. But this is a really good work of them.

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woow! I like Hades !! especially the character arts, amazing!

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Really awesome
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There really should be an extensive art book from this game. Looks absolutely amazing!

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Aaah! I didn't even realize you had a Deviant account until I started looking for images from Hades.  None of the games would be the same without your artistic vision. (And credit to Korb for his incredible soundtracks.)  Been a huge fan of your work since Bastion!  Even had all of your signed prints (minus the big BW Pyre one) off the Supergiant store! (At least until they were lost in a house fire... <.<)
It's great to see more of your non-game stuff! 
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Damn that's such a cool spin on the mythos
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is that a Jojo reference?
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These are fantastic
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Love the way these characters turned out!
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More like, three furries, am i right!? H A A H
For real that's how i read the title though.
Wait, damn, you're part of Supergiant? That's really awesome. I really love the team. The Noclip documentary series has been a great look into everyone's work.
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You're art is so ridiculously amazing!
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