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The Seamstress

So it's been awhile! Since the last time I've submitted work, I've switched to a new company (check us out! !) and am working on a game that will grace your 360 and Playstation downloadable library! We recently got selected as one of the PAX10 (Indie game competition) for the upcoming expo, so if you'll be at PAX you should drop by our booth and say hello ;D!

Due to the callings of work and REAL LIFE (!!!), I haven't had a lot of time to really do much personal work - found a couple hours to do this in between stuff :). If you care more about

Basically having fun with poses, and the theme of an assassin seamstress :). I love painting for work, but it's so relaxing to do art for 100% self-indulgence finally!

Thanks for looking, hope you guys like it! Feedback/comments/crits all welcome, and thank you very muchly in advance!
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Wonderful colors~
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it's amazing! I love the detail you've added, particularly to small things like the reflections on the jewels!
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Beautiful! I love the the concept and all of the detailing in the costume. Awesome!
amcee's avatar
outstanding detail I love the color contrasts
waltzinghippie's avatar
I can't stop staring at the detail on her jewelry. It's blowing my mind! I love the muscles on her arms, too, so realistic! Absolutely stunning.
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ah, i cant stop looking at this again and again and again. it captured my soul! i really like the way you use colours and how you place them, it makes them even more fragnant.

also the character and the whole pose is just so lovely!
your work is really polished and professional-- even the personal pieces!! you have good sense of anatomy, the figures have natural grace and expression. the colors in this piece are striking, especially when enlarged-- the gold in her hair and bracelet really pop. I'd throw some scissors in the foreground-- "cutting the thread of life" is a metaphor for killing.
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That pose is really somethin else!
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Super amazing and gorgeous *A*
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do you spend much time on under drawings usually, another good painting. I'm going to try get alittle looser in my work after seeing alittle of your gallery
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Stunning work - a great pose and an interesting idea for a character. :clap:
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In this one you did a great job with the pose and color selection. :aww:

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what the heck jen, you paint so well!
Sewing can totally be badass too.
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I love all of your work up here, the detail, the posing, the stroke... it's gorgeous!
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Colors of skin is so impressive!!!!
carmentan124's avatar
like the colouring skill~
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I like the character!! Such a cool idea! The painting strokes and colors are awesome! I've learned a lot from you!

I have to say though there feels like a blind spot in the middle of the picture, and it's something to do with the coloring of the lower arm that's causing it. It's not the anatomy since that's perfect, but something with the shading or color tones that makes it hard to process compared to everything else in the composition.
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wow, what a piece!
i love the dynamic perspective you used here, and the amazing colours, just crazy !
hope you'll do a lot more of this stuff in futur ;)
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wicked composition!
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