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The Blackbat

For those of you who are interested, there are a couple alt versions of this piece (I was indecisive) as well as an early version of it on my blog here!: [link]

Doodle of TWO Evenings! I started this as just an evening sketch, but ended up wanting to take it a step further, so spent two evenings on it :). I mostly wanted to focus on drawing mindfully - being in control of my subject matter, the colors and form. Too often I allow the art to control me which can result in other, happy creations, but not this time! NOT ON MY WATCH! :batman:

CASSANDRA CAIN LADIES AND GENTS. To be quite honest, I don't love her design - I think the mask is too feminine and generally makes her look like a silly courtesan, and bandages on the OUTSIDE of the Batsuit... well... I know a lot of things don't make a whole lot of sense in the comic-verse, but those just seem a little too FORCED. I won't even ask why she has Catwoman-claws.

WHY THEN DID I DO FANART? To be perversely contrary!? I just love Cassandra Cain... and am hoping that even with the upcoming DC reboot, she gets some storyline-love! Maybe they'll reboot her costume....>_>?

Thanks for looking guys! I hope you like it :).

Black Bat/Cassandra Cain is Copyright DC Comics
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This is really fantastic, is it alright for me to use it as my sidebar image on tumblr? With credit of course.
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Beautiful picture, I love it :) There can never be to much fanart of Cass!
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This is brilliant!! There are no other words to describe this... O.o
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Wow, beautiful pose. Fantastic work!
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Oh dear, the made me stop reading DC 
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Wow, looks great. I am actually really fond of her costume, despite all the silly stuff that you've pointed out.

One other thing I have against the wraps: does she wrap those around her arms every time she dons the costume? Seems like a waste of time, while someone's life out there may very well be in danger :P
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Wicked pretty!
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Oh, a cass fan. [Watch]
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The way this kind of seemlessly blends from flatter graphical shapes and the really nicely modeled 3d form makes me really like it.
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ouch! that belt must be really uncomfortable! Hope we get to see more of Cass soon! :D
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FFFF I love this...
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Cassandra cain is so cool.
For me, her Batgirl costume was perfect: bad ass & intimidating. Her Blackbat costume is a bit too ridiculous.
shinobiX2022's avatar
im feeling the short hair on this batgirl
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