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The Austringer

By JenZee
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There was a hawk (I think a red tailed hawk) outside my office one morning. It clearly was used to humans since it was willing to get within six feet of me and CHILL. It was so COOL! AUSGLSHLDFKJSHDLKFJHS!!!!

I WANT A HAWK. So I lived vicariously through drawing something related lol. Not much time spent on this one, though I was interrupted a lot so it sat unfinished for a couple weeks. I used tons of reference for the hawk here, but it still fails miserably lol.

Comments/Critiques/etc are always welcome! Thanks for looking and being awesome :9!

I swear I will draw a man soon. Also, I'll probably be uploading some detail shots over at my blog :).
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this is so pretty!
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Campanula89Professional Digital Artist
Fantastic! *^*
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ReiluneProfessional General Artist
:jawdrop: WOW! I love this! :la:
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PiimocialHobbyist General Artist
The great costume !
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Pheonix! My power animal. lol Falcons are sweet too.
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PepperBeanStudent Traditional Artist
I like everything in this drawing except for her boobs, they'd look good if they were small :)
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davidbrownProfessional Digital Artist
Nice design
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RazrielcgStudent General Artist
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JqelStudent General Artist
Check your local aviaries... a lot of them have on season tours where they let folks fly the birds they have trained. I know my husband got to fly on in an aviary in England and I am terribly jealous (a pergerine).
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I love her vulture head garment. Very unique!
Dudemaister's avatar
such good character design!
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J'aime l'aigle, sa position permet de bien voir les plumes. Elles sont d'ailleurs très bien faites. Les couleurs sont sublimes elles aussi.
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Oh shi* This is Awesome!

It's too coll for our world )))
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BambooDewStudent Digital Artist
amazing design :) just the palette itself is very interesting and appealing to the eye
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I must say I do adore this personal style of shading. The greater lot of "popular" artists on DA use more blend and strive for a softer look, while you sort of "dot" the colours onto another, makes it look very colourful and somewhat like an oil painting (it is digital - is it?).

Also the colours of the hawk do not, in my opinion, disturb the composition of the image. The hawk looks "sharper" than her arms and middle part, but since the boots have darker colours and some sharper (unblended) details, it is still in balance. Rather adds to the impact and personality of the artwork.
(Very nice work on the materials (fabrics, feathers). Looks sturdy and realistic.)

Finally, having browsed around on DA a lot, this is probably the most original and intriguing character design I have seen. Perfect composition and movement - the viewer is caught in the moment of something happening and immediatly makes a connection with it. The only thing that could be added to it might be a background and I would immediately order a print. Lovely work, you'll do great.
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Haha, obviously that good that I forgot that I already commented on it and had to express admiration for a second time. Sorry sorry.
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ToRmEnTtHeFaLlEnHobbyist General Artist
nice i love the hawk !!! i think the hawk is my favorite part but it all comes together perfectly
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I can't get over how awesome your designs and colors are - especially together! Two of my favorite things in art, and you're gallery has them a'plenty! :3

I think the orange is the best part of this piece. My second favorite thing is the feathers and the wildness of her even though she's standing still. I also love how you make the backgrounds of your pieces simple yet well-textured enough to appease the eyes. Everything just blends so well and stands out so well, together. Gorgeous!
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I must say I am impressed with the endless variety I find in your gallery. In most trained artist's galleries one finds plenty of good art but only a couple of works which truly strike ones interest. Your gallery follows the reversed principle.

This was a definite favorite due to the character's colourful and original design. Beutiful work. I adore the fact in your style that you manage to keep your style both loose and a little sketchy but keep the defined details. Absolutely lovely.
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JoeS-16Student Digital Artist
wow I love this character design, like others have pointed out, it is very original :)
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Seriously wow.. This gotta be one of the most unique and original designs I've ever seen.. Just beautiful

You should hide this before it gets stolen, I'd LOVE to see this as a character in a game.
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theSheyPYGHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, diggin the design of the costume. And having a hawk/somekind of cool bird is my dream too. Or a beautiful small snake. That'd be beautiful.

Awesome piece (y)
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JenZeeProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you :)! Snake! Also... I wouldn't mind having a Chameleon >_>.
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theSheyPYGHobbyist Digital Artist
Chameleon is awesome too!! They're just adorable, only their tongue kinda freak me out. Will they lick us or something suddenly out of nowhere?

You are welcome /brofist
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