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Supergiant 10 Year Anniversary Poster

By JenZee
A piece I got to do for the occasion :). Can't believe it's been 10 years! Thanks for everyone's support <3. Was fun revisiting a lot of older characters in the backdrop, and painting Zag in a painterly style this time around :D
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Yea. Beautiful work. It liked me very much.

Wish you and all «Supergiant Games» good luck in next projects.

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so great, I love your style so much!!
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Many MANY congrats! And great piece by the way. ;)
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Amazing artwork! Will this poster be up for sale soon by any chance?
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aww, this warms my heart, seeing all the beloved characters in one piece. <3 
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Amazing work! Loved all the games. :D

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Oh wow, can't believe Supergiant is already 10 years old... Happy Birthday!
And also great work as always! The games wouldn't be the same without your amazing art.
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Stunning work as usual! <3 So amazing to see these characters again, Supergiant's art, music, and stories had such an amazing and inspiring impact me. I love them with all of my heart! Thank you so much!
It’s nice but it would be nicer if Hades was on consoles! 😁
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Just wait some time and it will come.

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Nice, I should probably pick up Pyre and Hades one of these days. 
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You should definitely check out Pyre. I couldn't believe I'd slept on it for so long, once I'd started it. It's particularly great if you enjoy reading, as they all seem to have put in a ton of work into it. Probably a one-of-a-kind sorta title.

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Perfect and amazing
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