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Robin and Batgirl



Detail shot can be found here: [link]

Darn faces always fade away into nothingness. I am doing something wrong hehe.

Tim Drake (Robin III) and Cassandra Cain (Batgirl III)
Robin and Batgirl in the city of LOVE (lol city of CRIME AND SEWAGE): Bludhaven (Chinatown in Bludhaven!)! "Robin and Batgirl kind of act like they're in love, but just don't know it" - Damion Scott, Batgirl Penciler

Finally, possibly one of the most successful pieces I've had lately in terms of getting what was in my mind, down on "paper" quickly and accurately.

More practice with backgrounds :)! I will probably upload the background minus the two characters!

Lately they've pretty much destroyed the character of Cassandra Cain, and that bothers me. So in retaliation I do THIS! And pretend it is canon :) Who knows, maybe it will be some day *crosses fingers.* Tim and Cassie make an awesome couple. It's everywhere in comics, none of the writers seem to really acknowledge it though!

Wow! School sucks/takes up all my time :(. Sorry guys! Thanks for all the support :)! Crits/comments always welcome and appreciated :)!
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