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Red Sonja

She's my childhood hero.

(The movie one)


Felt like doing a little redesigning, though I didn't put too much thought into this >_>.

Feedback/comments/critques always welcome -
I'm aware there's wonkiness with her legs :(. Thanks for looking, and hope you guys enjoy :)!
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resembles the Golden Axe relaunch girl
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reminds me kefka palazzo
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I want to paint like you =)
WOW, This is the coolest Red Sonja I have ever seen.
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For not putting much thought into it that is an amazing redesign. You kept that sort of sex appeal look, but beefed up the armor. The mismatch shoulder's and boots are awesome touches and give it a great look. GReat colors too. Only critque would have been the legs, which you know about. Great piece of work.
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Blade too clean, the blue skirt over her blade hand dosen't make any sense it gives impression that the hand is a bit behind the hip while that isnt really right from the sword angel.
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Awersome! I like it!
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I was never into the Red Sonja movie, but your picture makes me want to rewatch it!
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I love Sonja too, what a great movie! ^___^
wonderful work*
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Amazing work. And I love the palette.
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That would have to be one of the nicest pieces I've seen of Red Sonja, I like the richer colour palette and the use of cold colours of the fore and background it gives quite a depressive mood of despair and foreboding, thank you kindly for this piece.
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Wow, that is an incredible depiction of the classic sword maiden Red Sonja. :)

Amazing work.

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i love the way she just stands there staring :D Great take on designing her too! Awesome Job :thumbsup:
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I like it. Did you learn to paint from by any chance? looks very similar to his style.
Good news.

A new Sonja movie coming out someday: [link]
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reminds me of rainbow bright
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