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Pyre: Black Magic

By JenZee
Never got around to uploading this one! Here's a Pyre print/t-shirt design I made shortly after the game launched! Had a ton of fun making a moodier piece with Jodi and going for a quasi-metal look. Jodi could totally be the drummer for a power metal band right!?!
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Thank you for the request.
The symmetry is immediately captivating. As Reynan Sanchez's "The Rotten King" piece grabbed my attention in awe, so does this piece.
The amount of blacks expertly encases the character in an effort to guide your eye to the central character, or so I assume was the motive for this design.
The variance in line weight is well executed and the overall Gothic elements work well. The anatomy is good as well as the godlike horns that seem to end at the character's eyes; another attention grabber.
Forgive my ignorance of the subject matter (is this the cover for a book?) but as a piece of art in this immense catalogue of work contained in Deviantart, this image is one that captivated my eye more strongly than the majority of everything I've seen.
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I have this poster above my desk/PC, and I regret missing my chance for a limited/signed version of it now, which I think was a thing. One of my favorite aspects of this work is how it's lacking the usual vibrant colors of most other works. Not because I dislike the usual (no way!), but because I feel so (emotionally?) invested in Pyre that when I look at this black and white artwork of it, I feel like I'm seeing/imposing/projecting it's vivid colors anyway, as Pyre's art, and overall experience, is so radiant in my memory.

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Wow, this is awesome! I love the use of the negative space, brilliant work!
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Hope to see this in color one day, yes?
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I bought this for my dad, who knows nothing about Pyre, but LOVED it for the design alone! It's the coolest thing ever!
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Wore this shirt yesterday haha. Love the illustration.
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People always ask if I'm a black metal fan/what band is that, lol.
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If I’m forced to give a critique, it MIGHT be slightly busy, but honestly I love all your work and I thibk this is great
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Same, it's just a little too busy at some points. 
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You totally nailed the metal aesthetic, at first glance I totally mistook this for an old 80s demo-tape cover.
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Great piece!  I love the composition of black and white.  I really dig it!
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i love this! Youre stuff being so heavily stylized its hard to give an honest critique, personally i think you nailed it.Maybe the actually drawing a little larger in the frame? I feel like all the darkness around the perimeter is important though so probably not. Great stuff.
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I love the motifs incorporated into this piece 
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I've adored all your SGG shirt designs so far, and this is one of my favorites, going entirely black/white was such a good decision for this design!!
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Awwww yeah. I'd love to listen to the Nightwings as a Metal Band. Does Sir Gilman play the triangle?
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