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Another bedtime doodle ;D.

//Edit: Just so I don't mislead anyone, I think I should clarify that my "bedtime doodles" take about 1 hour or so ;D. I use the term 'doodle' more because I don't have a clear direction when I start them, and don't really intend on polishing them till they are full "production quality" as some might say! :heart:
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Smashing Pumpkins fan?
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Been going through your work, its all great! Love it. So envious.
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Thank you~~!
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This is so beautiful it hurts me
woww <3
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this is lovely
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wow i love this!
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Please accept our request of this piece to :iconpearls-of-dreams:

It will make a great addition to our group gallery.

Thank you.
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That's beautiful! :heart:
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reminds me of :thumb281407794: by :iconthienbao:
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Look at the dates of the images before you make a comment like that (;
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merely stating a fact that it reminds me of another painting, no accusations whatsoever (;
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I see, didn't come across to me that way. Never mind then!
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look at my june 26 comment here: [link] - when two of my favorite artists do similar paintings without knowing it, I get excited. Just wanted to point it out to them (apologizes for the misunderstanding and dragging this out at the expense of these awesome paintings, just setting the record strait)
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I see, don't worry! It is awesome isn't it :) I just always get a bit annoyed when I see "This reminds me off..." or "This looks like.." comments x) In your case it was different, sorry for the confusion :D
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Your art is so amazing!
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Love the cup on her/his(?) forehead. :3
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This is super beautiful. Simply stunning. <3 Porcelain like
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Great lighting
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Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, very well done :)
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I love the use of all the different shades of white!... you are very talented.. any meaning with the cup on the head? of just doodling :)
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