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Millipede+Girl! Insects are awesome :D Just playing around, having fun...! If it's not obvious, I've hopped on the Mike Mignola train in the last couple months or so. My younger self was clearly an idiot because I remember disliking his work...! Ah the blindness of youth! How have your inspirations changed over the years? :)
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Pretty and cute!
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I...I want a story...
ouu my fav artist is back :)
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I love this SO MUCH! What a good treatment!!
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Man, this seems like such a playful piece. The ribbon-like contour of the millipede really adds to that and makes it even more cute. <3

My art inspirations have been from realism-involved artists since I started taking art more seriously but recently I've been enjoying a lot more stylized work and trying to put that into my own artwork as well. 

Keep up the great work, Jen. Glad to see more stuff from you. =]
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everything looks nice.. i just dont like that bra, look out of place..
Skitter approved!
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it's interesting what a different color palette can do! I never would've picked out Mignola unless you'd said something, but now that I'm looking at the shapes of the shadows, it's super there
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Mignola seems to be gaining a lot of traction, art-influence-wise! I'd say that you've done an excellent job of blending your sensibilities in with his, without being derivative. It's an overall a pretty neat piece "just playing around" or no.
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Nice keep it up...😍😍😍
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I like the way you colored!
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