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Jon Snow

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Detail of face/torso at 100% can be found here!

ZOMG!!!! And I'm back....again! Jenzee disappearing tricks :( Very sorry for my long absence! Here is my latest :) Darn you school!

Jon Snow our friendly "Crow" from the Game of Thrones books by George R. R. Martin... I've been wanting to draw him for forever, so here he is finally!

It bugs the poop out of me that all he official artists (for the card game, and cover art) make him look 30 years old... He's supposed to be 14 so I hope the youth-yness comes across in this painting :) I initially drew him with a sword and stuff, but it looked I changed it... and then I drew him with some blue roses (there's a significance to that if you've read the books....sorta) and well...then he just looked SUPER angsty so I just left him empty handed and twiddling his thumbs :). Like a nervous little boyyyy!!!!

As always, critiques and comments are welcome! Thanks for lookin' hope you enjoy!

Painter 7.0
No idea how long this took me. More han 30 hours.... I stopped for a long while before I finished it :/
Original: 1400 x 3600 px
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This is the best interpretation of Jon Snow among the artist I have ever seen! Great work! :D
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I love your depiction of Jon...maybe more because most of what I see now seems to be of the actor who portrays him in the HBO show rather than the character from the book. Anymahoo, I agree with your blue roses thought and can't wait to see how his character plays out (unless Martin pulls a Jordan but doesn't have a contingency plan in place). The "Et tu Brute" ending from his last book was awful but greatness...awfully great?
Great stuff! Wish I had your patience!
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I just love the name and his expression... It's quite "snow-like"...
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This is si real
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You should update that face and torso detail link! I really wanna know how you paint because it looks amazing!
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love JON!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!! IF GUYS WHERE LIKE HIM ID BED THEM ANYDAY!!!!!!!! oh i just love him! I flip through the books just to see when its his pov cause he is my favorite but im so scared for him!
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This wonderful piece is featured in my ''A Game of Thrones'' journal feature. Hope you don't mind :)
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Awesome work!
Thank for your talent)
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simply beautiful...
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I like everything but the eyes, although with this piece of art, you can take as many 'artitst licenses' as you want xD I love your A Song of Ice and Fire works (and everything else really!). Keep up, you're amazing!!
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Super amazing. I agree 100% about the age thing - it's more than likely the artists have never read the book and only go off of what someone tells them (another person who has never read the book!) I think they should make a real attempt at getting FANS who are artists to draw it, that way nothing is compromised! This is beautiful work :D
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you can fall in love with him... :)
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Love Song of Fire and Ice, need to get next book, but I'm not so good in reading in English, so in my hometown I'll get a copy..
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This is awesome! I love The Song of Fire & Ice!
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The best Jon Snow I've seen! :lol: And the only one that fits in the books' descriptions! love it!! =)
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Martin himself directed me to this from his site. Very nice detail, but the skin colour and eye colour freaks me out a bit :O
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One of my favorite characters! Lovely job on the face!
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hair is fantastic
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