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Holy Warrior

Oh wow! I LIVE, GUYS! Finally forcing myself to put aside personal time... I feel stale and gross, likely because I haven't been allowing my creativity to have free reign as much as I should...!

Anyway, I started this at last November's Massive Black workshop in SF (was fun meeting lots of people!)....left it alone for FOREVER and now finally decided to finish it up! You can check out the sketch I did at the workshop over on my blog ([link]).

In other news... I also have a TUMBLR now! YEY. So many things to keep track of :O! [link]

LOVE YOU GUYS. I swear I read every comment, I am SO SORRY I cannot REPLY TO YOU ALL WITH THE TELEPATHIC WAVES THAT I DON'T POSSESS :(. Thanks so much for looking! :)
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Love the colours and mood here, really gorgeous choices!
lemur-llama's avatar
Really good image with great lighting, character design, and framing.
perpetualdistraction's avatar
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The lighting is mesmerizing.
adrius15's avatar
Wow, looks a lot like Elspeth.

This is awesome!
Vail-Combat-Irtis's avatar
Rare to see such shadows.
cries because LIGHTING wow that's gorgeous :D
Euxiom's avatar
This has some gorgeous ass lighting.
lucasblahblah's avatar
WOw this picture is beautiful *A* The lighting, her expression *A* And that detail

Also i love the hands

i love everything : D
Martimakesthings's avatar
Gah! The lighting in this is so good! AHHH!
EraticThaArtist's avatar
Wowzers this is beautiful. the lighting...THE LIGHTING! time for a watch yo! :drunk:
llRobinll's avatar
awesome color and values
CrankKitty's avatar
I cant stop looking at it.
At her face.
I cant.
ashleyjordan's avatar
Beautiful and so intense
citizenfischer's avatar
This is really cool. At first I thought the bottom sort of faded into formless and flat. And, I guess, her lower half is a little confusing to the eye but I like it. The more I look at it the more I love the flatness. It looks like it's just made of two layers, which somehow make it so iconic. You have absolutely captured piety and solemnity. I totally believe that this person is doubtless and unwaivering in whatever she's put her faith in. This is a great picture.
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Thanksss Emerson ;D!
Winter-fey's avatar
I really like the color and stance in this picture of yours. Pretty much ditto of all of the other praise. :)
Draconian23's avatar
Sort of reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics.
Taitszo's avatar
I really like the color and lighting on this
Monshi633's avatar
I felt in love
OlgaDrebas's avatar
Glad to see you posting again, I've been an admirer of your work for quite long time already! <3
JenZee's avatar
THank you, Griffinfly :)!!! I really appreciate it!
Mangatellers's avatar
Excellent coloring. She looks fantastic. I like her outfit and her facial expression. Excellent work. Well done! :D
Natalya-Himura's avatar
Really good work: colours and concept are so beauiful! Her armure and clothes are awesome!
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