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Heroes of Dre'jeanstin

Finally found the time to finish this one up! I started this one to satisfy this insane obsession I have with painting textiles lately... It was also tangentially inspired by the concept of a Rainbow Guard (George R. R. Martin and his Game of Thrones books), but essentially my own interpretation of the idea :).

Either way, this was super fun... I had to take a long break from it during my work on Bastion, but I'm really happy I was able to come back to it and finish it up!

I hope you like it! Thanks for looking and also thanks in advance for all your comments and feedback - I truly appreciate it :heart:!
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This is so adorable! <3
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It's always beautiful to see a woman wearing a realistic armour and not a "bikini chainmail". Good job!
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I adore your use of color.
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the way you drew cloth is great!)
and all the picture of course)
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That is one of the best use of colors I've ever seen, friggin' awesome!!
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Thanks so much!
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One of my favorites!
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excellent work and gallery
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The armor work on this is fantastic.
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I quite literally love this piece!
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clothing and armor, I love these two characters, the drapes are excellent!
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love the cloth work here!
This is an amazing and moving piece. You have redefined Briene and The Rainbow Guard in my imagination.
This is SO cool
This is super beautiful. Colors are one thing I still can't get down, and I admire you for your use of them in this piece-it's so colorful, but the colors don't bring attention to themselves or separate the characters from the background. Thank you for finishing and submitting it.
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Great drapery and everything else. :)
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Simply a fantastic work of art here. I love the colors, the expressions, and the setting. I am also happy to not see any pointed ears or fairy wings. This is beautiful!
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I love your art^^
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Amazing colors!, really good use of the lighting, is such detail, I really like the feel of the story in this one, you really have skills. Keep it up with the good work. The skirts are outstanding.
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