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By JenZee
Very excited that our next game, Hades is in Early Access playable THIS VERY MOMENT! Here's some art :D.

If you'd like to check it out, go visit: 
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love love love this!!

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man I love this SO MUCH. Thank you for your work and this game!

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You may not read this, but I have to say that you are an amazing artist!

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Been enjoying from start to ending. I loved the artistic shift you made from the previous games, from a painterly to a more comic book style. Simply inspiring

Hades is such a beautiful game. So much in fact that it inspires me to create/draw more.

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Stumbled upon this artwork for the game a couple days ago, and I gotta say I am super looking forward to playing it! Beautiful artwork, great designs and the game looks fun!
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awesome work 
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I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME!!!  Plus the gameplay looks like a blast, and I am ALL for anything Hades/Persephone related! EEEEE <3

The art is BEAUTIFUL! <3 I adore your style!
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amazing work as always Jen!
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Hell yeah!!! So excited for this game!!! :D
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Zagreus looks so cool! I love the depiction of the all the Greek mythological figures!
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Been playing it alllll weekend. Games a blast and the art is amazing as always! Supergiant Games never fail to impress
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YAASSS!!!! he looks so badass! 
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Amazing work as always :)))))
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he looks insanely good!
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Totally wicked
I checked out the gameplay and it is fantastic!! I can not wait for it to come onto a system hopefully!!
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This is epic, and you said they are a character in a game. I'll have to check it out.
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will play it for sure, the art looks awesome as usual
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How complete is it right now? I'm super exited to play it, but I've also ruined games for myself by trying to play them in a not complete enough early access state, and supergiant games are to important to ruin.
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