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GoT: Driftwood Crown

"He swore to win us back our freedoms, and Tarle the Thrice-Drowned placed a driftwood crown upon his head."
- Aeron Damphair

OH F-yeah! I was REALLY excited about painting this one!!!!!!! The Greyjoys are such likeable bastages!

Driftwood Crown, baby! What a pleasure *_*!

Those of you who know me know that I have been a HUGE fan of the Game of Thrones series for more than a decade now. I nearly died of happiness when I had the opportunity to create some work for the Game of Thrones CCG for Fantasy Flight Games.

Thank you, George R. R. Martin for creating such an amazing work of fiction!!! And of course, FFG, for letting me have so much fun with my work! :)
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Wow, *very* cool. Never considered that a crown made out of driftwood could be symmetrical.
Good heavens, how did I fail to Fave this the first five times I admired it?
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Awesome maaan!!!! <3

The Whitefabric looks like a girl with a white dress and brown hair :O
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Oh... I'm sorry ma'am -.-
One example of the best art we have in aGoT LCG. I hope you get to make many more!
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Oh... I'm sorry ma'am -.-
Omg you nailed that crown, its amazing! i'm also a GRRM/ASOIAF huge fan and i got goosbumps watching this. Amazing work!
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out of all the game of thrones artwork that i've seen, this is my favourite crown
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I Love this crown!
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This is ASoIaF piece absolutely awesome! Love it! :D

And yes, I totally agree with you... 'the Greyjoys (most especially Euron and Victarion) are such likeable bastages!' ;)
Actually, I ordered the whole book series, today.
My family went nuts when HBO released the series and since we absolutely love it, I decided it was high time to read the books.
This kind of really confirms my decision! Thank you, I LOVE it!
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You´re an artist, really.
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*shiver* Absolutely wonderful. The sense of, well, *dampness* comes right through, as well as all the primitive, violent *power*. This blew me away.
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Love the dark tone...
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Duuuuuude that's freakin' sick! I love the mood you captured in this painting. Great palette choice too! I loved the Iron Isles so much in Feast for Crows.
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Just wonderful!! :love:
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Awesome!! I live right next to FFG where they design them in Minnesota, and I recently bought that game--I love the series and the CCG is amazing!
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Thanks! Yeah, I have never actually gotten the chance to play the CCG because I'm terrified of pouring tons of money/time into another CCG XD!
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I love how spooky this is. God I love the Greyjoys.
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Thanks :D! Yeah, I was ECSTATIC when I got assigned the Driftwood Crown! The Greyjoys are insane!
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Have you been watching the show? I like most of the cast pretty well. The chick they cast to play cersei is PERFECT. Same with Tyrion. :D
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Great work ! Sublime colour scheme , could you do all the crowns of all the kings?
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