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Gaian Vampires Halloween WP

By JenZee
Please download to get the 1600x1280 version!

Hi guys! Been ultra busy with work, but I was able to take some time out of work to do these wallpapers for the Gaia Halloween Event :D. They came out late due to some higher up issues, so sorry they didn't make it in time for Halloween T_T. Hopefully some of you can still use 'em for their autumn theme!

This one is Zhivago and Louie from the Gaia storyline :). In tons of.... art deco clutter. I haven't done something so "designy" in a long while lol.

Thanks and hope you like!!! There's a widescreen version available here: [link]
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© 2007 - 2021 JenZee
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Wow, man. I love your style, your art. Epic.

Do you do freelance? I'm looking for a one or two-off art piece inspired by my story to in return keep help me stay inspired, and to anchor the website.

I was speaking with someone on Deviantart in the past but I lost my email address and cannot find him anymore...
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:pumpkin: Happy pre-Halloween :pumpkin:
You have been featured in The pre-HALLOWEEN bash begins !! >> [link]
Enjoy & may your Halloween be spooky and full of treats !! :evillaugh:
JenZee's avatar
Honored :) Thanks!
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Oh good R'hllor this is so sick.
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This is outrageous! IT'S EPIC
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Your work was stolen - [link]

Art4Love is selling it for $292 and the thief, Chad Love Lieberman, is claiming it as his own work. He is involved in a massive theft of a lot of dA submissions. Here is an article that might help [link]
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Hey, I regret to inform you that this piece is part of that art4love art thievery mess:

[link] (yours is the top middle)

:iconalexiuss: is gonna file a lawsuit if you can help him out by showing this is yours and was posted/sold without permission [link]
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Zhivago yay! /Loves wallpaper forever! ;w;
enttententten's avatar
right mood, thank you
ItachisPurpleChakra's avatar
OMFG! It's one of the artists!
Kyah. :+fav:, and it was well deserved (I mean, Zhivago and Louie in the same picture and they both look so damn awesome... especially Zhi ^^)
You rock ^^
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Hello, it's been featured here [link] hope you dont mind :heart: thanks
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Gaia? As in Gaia online?
Retiquis's avatar
They need to bring Louie back. D'<
TheRedFoxof9's avatar
I can't log into my accounts anymore. Makes me sad. I think they got hacked, but all my stuff is still on my avi.
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I like the use of the negative space, the dark eerie colors are very amazing~ :+fav:
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This is just fabulous ! I just love the different characters gathered together in this setting. Wow.
I have absolutely fallen in love w/ this. It's been my wallpaper on my puter for over a year.
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really nice, I love the composition, for me, one of your best works!
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i adore your painting style~


and i adore louie XD
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amazing art work ^^
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