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Fremere's Guard Evo7

Illustration for this week's evolution of Fremere's Guard over at!

I get less and less time to work on these each evolution T_T. I tried to save time by going for something "artsy" rather than scenic, but halfway through I realized I was very out of PRACTICE when it comes to "artsiness" XD. Whoops.

Comments/crits/flames/etc always welcome, thank you for looking and supporting both here and over on Gaia :). <3 <3 <3

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This is beautiful and it reminds me of an artist im very fond of. the color scheme is nice and i like the contrast with the yellow in a mostly blue piece. :)
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You're an amazing artist, my friend :)
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A very nice motive and a cool color contrast - beautiful!

The faces of the two characters are very nice, too. ^^
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ZOMG!!! :O it's art from you!!!
I'm on gaiaonline XD
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mmmm who's the guy in the back? :kiss:
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I love the color and intensity of this! Your lines are so clear, and the expressions are so intense. I love the deep and vibrant, contrasting colors. Fantastic!
Wonderful drawing! Keep up the good work! :D
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Gosh, your artwork is so gorgeous! I really love your pieces, and Fremere's guard is my favorite! :D It's perfectly artsy, and I think you're doing a fantastic job! ^3^ Good luck for finishing everything!
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Hey, Strong Colors!!!!!
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great work
oh yeah, you work at gaiaonline. I've seen your profile there
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I love the new Fremere's Gaurd poses.
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Love the Guard. The gems are fantastic. The accessory to item to gag pose ratio was spot on. I really hope to see more EI's from you. <3
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fantastic art! i was so excited for the evolution and you did a great job! it's better you take your time then rush things, people might BAW but in the end, the wait is worth it!
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This is possibly the most interesting EI I've ever owned, the relationship between Anima Adamantea and Fremere is something I've been following =3

Keep up the good work on it!
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I [i]love[/i] how you're adding blue to the orange. Fremere's Guard is always so beautiful when it evolves, I want to make an avi for each and every pose. And I loved the Prom Party pose. Especially the teaser image... maybe that'll actually come true later?... *hopeful*
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I really like the contrast between the cold and warm tones. :)
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You just need some bold brushes for "artsyness" and less blending! lol
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I love Fremere Guard! Good job on the item and nice coloring of the gems and golden leaf thingies
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xD I thinked to ricognise the style when arrived the EI report and I was right!
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dark and safe at the same time!
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