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Fremere's Guard Evo6

Another illustration for my EI, Fremere's Guard over on

We <3 sentai!!!!

The female character on the right is the EI Anima Adamantia by Alex Ahad's EI :iconoh8:! And thanks :iconreapersun: for forcing me to spend more time on the toosh, you damn purist :P!!!!!

I want to be a power ranger.

Hope you guys like it! (And hope you Gaians like the new poses!) :). Comments/critiques/feedback always welcome!
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Very nice i love the poses !
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Nice pose! And wonderful colors and shading.
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I love this. Fremere is absolutely wonderful! Unfortunately, I can't buy the Guard. Or his SDPlus. It's too expensive.

...For the record, I am now officially FremRei. Thank you JenZee~
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Unicorn! ^^ Or aty least, that's what the helmet reminds me of!^^ Lovely pic. I really like the character designs.
Any chance we will ever see a 3rd member of this evolving item super sentai team?
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i still like it : ) the orange *sighs*
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This is amazing...o_o
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This is a truly beautiful piece.
I can't wait to see how the poses will look when items evolve.
I love my Fremere and Anima and it's ever cooler that two artists are kinda integrating their stuff
are we going to be treated with another random pose this time?
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This... is absolutely amazing. Well done!
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you have NO idea how long i've been trying to find you on dA since i saw your art on that Gaia announcement. D: (and further back too)

i have to say that i am thoroughly impressed with your skill. especially in this piece. i hope that with enough practice i can attain the kind of skill you do.

consider yourself watched, my friend.

or should i say superior. o 3o
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Curse your EI for being so damn amazing that it inflated like crazy. lolol. ;__; OTL

Lol, when I saw the art for this I thought 'holy crap, that guys butt is hawt' ololol. You win. :heart:
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Frigin awesome i love the item,I love the freme design on this one my names vincent lecarde.Check me out
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oh dang. that's niiiice
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Overwhelming! Incredibly dynamic and detailish. What is the robot thingy holdin'?
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i love both of the EIs they are so mecha :D
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I was wondering who the woman was, until I read your comment about it being Anima...Interesting...

Do you just want to be a Power Ranger? Or a MIGHTY MORPHING Power Ranger?

XD I call Tommy [the Green/White Ranger]!!!
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Loving that armor, awesome work!
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