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Darkstalker Tribute: Donovan

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By JenZee   |   
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© 2009 - 2020 JenZee
My accepted submission for the Darkstalkers Tribute book :). This changed a whole bunch of times - I originally had wanted to play off the "Little Red Riding Hood" Jedah/BBHood visual, but somehow.... and I don't even rememeber how?... I was coerced into using Donovan's Midnight Bliss form instead.

Some of you are not going to like what I'm about to say... BUT I hate... HATE Demitri's character design with a GIGANTIC PASSION. I never noticed it until I had to consider who I'd like to paint for the Tribute... but I think he looks absolutely RIDICULOUS with his TINY weirdly shaped head that slopes up in the back, his SPANDEXED SUIT with WEIRD CUFFS, BULGING CROTCH and CONVENIENT CAPE that comes out of nowhere. I think it's a terrible design, only neutralized by the quirkiness of the game itself XD. I AM A DEMITRI HATER. So yeah, I wanted to communicate that in this piece. XD

What do you guys think? Demitri - character innovation, or failure!?

Hope you guys enjoy, some parts I really wish I could've spent more time on, but time is what we always don't have enough of XD. Comments/critiques/etc appreciated! Thank you!
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oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
That is insane! Brutal yet still beautiful, awesome piece of work!
G-gglypuff's avatar
Impressive piece.
killjoySG's avatar
I hate his hair, but thats it for me....
EltonAlwine's avatar
*I meant Donovan
EltonAlwine's avatar
Demitri is epic! You really nailed the vampire perfectly. I am a pure vampire geek, so I am very picky about what I consider good vampire art. And this is amazing. I really have come to enjoy your work.
TigerUpGAF's avatar
Best Donovan ever.
ultimatede's avatar
That's awesome, I don't know anything about Darkstalkers really, but this is absolutely epic. It's such an intense, charged scene
Wolfzero-kun's avatar
Wolfzero-kunStudent General Artist
Amazing piece!!!
KdiOtox's avatar
Wonderful! Wonderful! Beautiful drawing!
Seseren's avatar
SeserenStudent General Artist
This is very good. Fantastic work. You really captured the embodiment of Donovan. Well done!
1B6's avatar
1B6Student Digital Artist
Lol I've never seen Demitri look so good as he does here.
JenZee's avatar
JenZeeProfessional Digital Artist
Hahah, thank you XD!
1B6's avatar
1B6Student Digital Artist
No problem 8D Demitri has a tiny head and a stupid face and you fixed him. You fixed him good :'D
QUICK QUESTION: Did you paint everything in Bastion? Like everything? icons/interface/backgrounds everything?
JenZee's avatar
JenZeeProfessional Digital Artist
I did! I painted EVERYTHING! The kid and some of the enemies are 3D and were modeled by another artist (Mike Colonnese), though I textured the models as well :).
1B6's avatar
1B6Student Digital Artist
Holy effin' moley D: That's an insane amount of work. You deserve an award or some shiz.
Leonidas666's avatar
Leonidas666Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're quitte good at picting "female version" of heroes - congrats!
FinalVirucide's avatar
FinalVirucideHobbyist General Artist
I remember seeing this pic one time when I was not logged into dA, and I told myself that when I would log back in I would fave it... because, really, it's that awesome. :D
sick!! def my mot fav in your gallery
sathrash's avatar
epic just epic :O
el-beto's avatar
el-betoProfessional Digital Artist
Excelent, i love this pic.
reydelfenix's avatar
Wow, this is crazy good. Just beautifully composed, and the moody colors fit it perfectly.
lokoartest's avatar
lokoartestHobbyist Traditional Artist
i luv this pic and i agree woth the whole hate for dimitri thing.
P.S. your description of dimitri alslo kinda describes M.Bison
ladyjart's avatar
ladyjartHobbyist Traditional Artist
VERY NICE..[link]
Mughi's avatar
Ah, Demitri. Midnight Bliss didn't exactly work out how you'd hoped, eh? This is a very nice piece of work.
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