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Cerberus and Tots

By JenZee
Just doodlin' something for our game's latest update :). The guardian of the underworld is ALSO the underworld's best babysitter!
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© 2019 - 2021 JenZee
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I just got into the game a week ago, stumbled on it looking for Greek myth. And I ADORE THIS!! So cute!!

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It's so precious, so pure, too pure for this world <3

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I always laugh because Cerberus looks so similar to the fursona I created when I was like 12. He's soooo cute!! I wanna give him all the hugs

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The cuteness in this picture...

TheCopyUniverseTCU's avatar

So you are the genius behind this wonderful work of art!

KangarooMudpie's avatar

I adore how happy Cerberus looks.

AstralWolfen's avatar
i love little Meg up there, this is so cute
Excuse me while I clench onto my chest because I believe my heart stopped from this cuteness
Vader2222's avatar
Three times the head means three times the good boi
blindseer21's avatar
This is surprisingly adorable 😁
JamesCreations's avatar
The bigger the beast the bigger their heart. haha cute.
Wererabbitbeastly777's avatar
Big boy Cerberus, guarding the gates to Heck-

I love this piece of art, its so cute and the coloring is so warm and fluid! <3
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Does Cerberus count as one good boy, or three?
breeveyten's avatar
ohh my gosh this is so cuute! Love how skelly is included
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