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Becoming Real - Final

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MY GOODNESS. Finally. *huge sigh of relief*. I am so very ready to move on >_> . I'm kindasorta happy with how it came out... It's *more or less* how I wanted it, though there are definitely parts which I know could use some refining X_X. I hope it meets everyone's expectations :) Thanks for your crits/comments on the progress pics! I caught a lot of things that would otherwise've been death to this piece~! As always, crits/comments/flames/poop welcome :).

I listened to the Ghost in the Shell : SAC OST a *lot* (though I've only seen one episode, and have never seen the original GitS -don't kill me-) while drawing this XD. It's really my first "sci fi" pic ever... As you can see, I'm not that wonderful at it yet X_X, please offer assistance :). I don't know who she is, or what she's doing :).

Thanks in advance, all~! Yayyyy... I finally get to work on my Zaku/Pilot/Sand/Stuff piece....

Painter 7.0, No reference.
2700x4500 pixels.
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Bishop-Of-BalanceProfessional Digital Artist
This is amazing!
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chronic0avengerProfessional Digital Artist
wow she's beautiful (dont worry i end up listening to more anime then I get to watch)
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Haha, Ghost in the Shell: SAC OST is great fuel for art like this. I think this is an INCREDIBLE first SF piece. I can't think of a single thing you'd need to improve!
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ElveniaDCHobbyist General Artist
Really amazing!
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PernillesStudent Digital Artist
I love the face and the colors you use are so intresting :)
Esquilo-SoS's avatar
Esquilo-SoSHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow!!!! fuc***ing awesome!!!!!! O_O"
Cyprus-1's avatar
MY GOODNESS So beautiful amazing work !
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Conundrum2501Student General Artist
Ok this is Absolutely fraggin beautiful!!! It brings to mind all my favorites. Melfina of Outaw Star, Major Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell. Jenova of FF7. I tis just so thought provoking. Like a neo-Jungian archetype.
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LordDracoArgentosProfessional Digital Artist
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DeadReckoningArtStudent General Artist
It looks like H.R. Giger and GITS had a baby. =)
Like someone said it does kinda remind me of Giger, but less strange and more realistic. Like GITS. =)
I love the colors, and those spiderwebs (?) are very cool and fragile looking =)
Its like you can see the breeze moving them =)
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wow, good job, she kind of puts me in mind of SHODAN from SYSTEM SHOCK
Digital0Zero's avatar
This is amazing o.o...
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tenko72Hobbyist General Artist
Nice design and coloring. It looks so cool!
Gradan's avatar
Right... I think I got a bit freaked out when I saw this. I actually happened to see her as Shodan from System Shock x.x

I still get shivers going down my spine when I think that game ^^;

This is absolutely amazing piece of art you have done here :)
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You have been featured here :blowkiss: :love:
Commander-Sparx's avatar
That is awesome, I have always been a Sci-fi fan and I like this work allot.

Keep up the good work!
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This is just awesome. I absolutely love it.
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