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Bastion::SEE YOU AT PAX 2010::

Hey guys! Who's going to PAX2010?!?!? Here's the first promo illustration for the company I work for - Supergiant Games' first game-in-the-works, Bastion!

Our game just recently was chosen as one of the Pax-10 indie games, so if you're going to PAX, you should totally stop by our booth where we'll have a playable demo! Also, be sure to say HELLO ;D. I plan on just wearing yellow all a power ranger O_O!!!! Also, we'll be handing out postcards with this art on it, so pick one up (if you like it ;_;!!!)

Check out a first look at our game over at Giant Bomb! They're going to have exclusives on us and follow our journey through the indie-game making process, so if you're curious, then stay tuned! Please forgive me if I make a fool of myself on camera -_-.

Trailer/Screenshots: [link]

Hope you guys like it!
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This will be a great point of reference for me as I try to improve my art.

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This game is so sad :( I almost cried at the end. But I still love it. The art work I just amazing and so is the story :)
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Im proud of you for finishing. What ending did you choose? Did you restore the world, or embrace the new one?
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Aww thanks :) I chose to restore the world, my brother chose the new one, though. It's just heart breaking that you have to chose between Zia and Zulf's happiness. It's was a gut-wrenching ending but tragically beautiful at the same time. You guys did an amazing job at it.  
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Im not a developer but Im glad you enjoyed the game
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But you did work on the art right? Because that just made the game for me
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Im just a random commenter, like you. Sorry to disappoint.
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Hmmm..... Well i can read profiles, lol, i feel stupid. No disappointment involved :) which end did you choose?
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I played through it twice, but the first time I played through I chose to evacuate.
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I seriously can't beleive you worked on the art! That is so amazing! Wonderful job! :)
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Beautiful work.

You may not know this, maybe you do... But games like Bastion are used in some hospitals to help kids cope with pain and suffering. Never let anybody tell you they're worthless, lol, because they can really make a difference. They've helped my little bro through surgeries, and lots of other kids.
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Hi there, sorry for this ULTRA late reply but thank you so much for sharing that... I had no idea Bastion was being used in such a way - that's super incredible :)
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You're welcome and I hope to see more of your work in future. :D
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I'm playing the game, it's lovely. And the artworks are....just insane, I'm in love. The environments are unbelievable, awesome atmospheres...Great great great work!
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I hope its ok but Im going to use this as my facebook cover photo but i will link your account to it so you get the credit you deserve incredible work!
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Looks so beautiful
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I wish I were there to get the post card...
An amazing picture, and I love the art for the whole game!
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The art was the first thing to pull me into this game, thank you for this :)
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Haven't played it yet... Hope to someday.
But as my avatar should say for itself, I do love the art.
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I just bought Bastion the other day during Steam's crazy Summer Sale. I can't believe it has taken me so long to play. What an AMAZINGLY beautiful game. Your artwork is stunning. Such a beautifully twisted style, like something out of a dream! The colors, the atmosphere! It gives me chills. Please keep up the gorgeous work.
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