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Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes

Finally this 400 year old hottie is finished. Feeding the Alucard obsession once every three years :heart:. I shudder when I look back at my last painting of him, so I hope this is an improvement lol. A few things that need work on this, but for now I've gotten to the point where touching it more is making it look worse... Somewhat original costume... the basics remain the same but I kind of wanted to do him up in 18th Century goodness :).

I've had the Lament of Innocence/Curse of Darkness/Symphony of the Night soundtracks on repeat for about like two months because of this painting LOL. I'm about ready to listen to something else for a little hahah. Furthermore, I will take this time to say that the English VA for Alucard absolutely ruined him IMO lol. If you're curious here is a clip of his Japanese voice talking: [link] . WAY HOTTER. LOL...just saying >_>.

Thanks for looking, hope you guys like it :)!

If you're curious (again), I have the sketch this all started with on dA as well here: [link]

Time spent on this: way too long... but worth it :).
Medium: Painter 7.0, Photoshop 6.0
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Astonishing piece :love: :love: :love: 
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Looks awesome! More Alucard art pleeeez! :)
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I think there's room in the Sistine Chapel for this.
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Nice. Love the colors and shading. It looks wonderful.
draghignazzos's avatar
wow, love the colors and shading!
171717177's avatar
Wooow fantastic I Love it toooooo toooooo much (♥3♥) ~♥♥♥♥♥
Excellent work (^_-)d
RedheadJ's avatar
Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing!
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I love the picture composition and your coloring style, looking through your gallery, I have to say I like your art style, its quite original to me. :) I'm also a fan of castlevania...great work, keep it up!

I'm a huge fan of Castlevania, and a huge fan of Bastion.

I think I love you </3
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another lovely art.
hmm for Castlevania its less Ghotic touch.
Alucard must more pale.
try a dark shade for bottom of paint.
xXMischievousChaosXx's avatar
his last name is somewhere from Europe am I right? Love the art work. Congrats and I know how you feel about the music I have this playlist on repeat for about a month and I am still adding to it for my story that I am writing. Congrats.
eduardocecildias's avatar
Very Nice! Congrat´s!
djrunza's avatar
This is seriously beyond PERFECTION in every way. Shall add this into my favorite gallery. Keep up the great work of yours! Castlevania FTW~! :D
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Wow, i'm gob-smacked, this is amazing :wow:
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I was actually quite fond of the original English VA for Alucard (can't say the same for most of the voices in SotN...). I felt like the fact that his voice was so much deeper than it seemed like it should be gave him an unnatural edge that fit his character. For me, the PSP voice kinda ruined it. Great painting, in any case.
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:wow: Just fantastic. :worship:
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Only beatiful!!
MyFairyTale97's avatar
oh my god! its beautiful! i loved! i love castlevania curse of darkness,lament of innocence and symphony of the night!^^ i loved!
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I love the rich colors you've used - and the hair... I've got a thing for silver hair ^_~. Thanks for sharing this with us. It's really gorgeous.
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Amazing~ simply amazing
AzureKate's avatar
wow thats amazing! i love all the detail ^_^
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