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One-Of-A-Kind Art-Knife
430 Hours of labor
160 parts
14" Overall length

1144 project documentation photos, + 21 videos all with captions:…

Pattern Welded “Damascus” Steel blade: selectively polished and Nitre Blued.

Anodized Titanium (9 color)

Fossil Mastodon Ivory Handle Scales: 10,000-30,000 years old, Siberia, Russia. (Selectively Dyed)

Carbon Fiber

Titanium/Niobium/Copper Super Conductor (Anodized)

24k Gold Leaf

Titanium Spikes

Timascus (Pattern-Welded Titanium): Anodized (4-color) and selectively polished.

Gemstones (All set in 18k Gold):
Yellow Sapphires
Blue Sapphires
Blue Pau Shell

Dovetailed Inlays:
“Lightening Strike” Carbon Fiber
Semi-Transparent Shell with logo
Damascus Steel

John Lewis Jensen “Jensen Knives” One-Of-A-Kind Art Knives:…
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JWright-3D-Graphics's avatar
amazing work, they look like they were modeled in 3d instead of hand crafted
Epik-bob's avatar
Dear god. how?
Deviatealittle's avatar
okay, question: You say you nitre blued the blade, but how? I thought nitre bluing entailed heating the bath to temperatures in excess of 500 degrees F which would usually threaten the temper of the blade and ruin heat-treated parts. Do you have a method to avoid this or did you sacrifice function for... for just stunning form?
Deviatealittle's avatar
WELL FUCK... You are a brilliant craftsman sir... wow...
MillenniumFalsehood's avatar
I thought that was CGI! Excellent craftsmanship!
Thanks, yep its real! Check out the link to see the hand made build:…
LiquidLaughter's avatar
That is insane. Are these functional, or too delicate to be used?
They are actually built like a tank, but of course the surfaces could scratch easy if you were to seriously use them.

You can see how they are made here:…
Nyx72's avatar
is it possible to buy one of these knives off you that doesnt have all the jewelry/staining?
John Lewis Jensen “Jensen Knives” One-Of-A-Kind Art Knives:…
John Lewis Jensen “Jensen Knives” One-Of-A-Kind Art Knives…
Mauijam's avatar
That's some friggin awesome looks right there.
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