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I seem to be suffering from a case of Internet induced ADD when it comes to uploading images. It's kinda funny, but my 8 (seriously?) year old dA account has most of my photos, yet it's the one that I've let fall furthest behind.

Time for another upload flurry.
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It's definitely been too long. I don't even have an excuse.

But my crafty little sister ( ) found a way to renew my interest here, by giving me the birthday present of an upgrade! After years of freeloading, I joined the elite ranks of the "subscribed."

Which I promptly wasted 2 months of with a whole lotta nothing.

The stats are awesome, and I like the upgrade. So I'm hoping this will be the only "sorry I haven't done anything lols" post over the next year.

Guess it's time to take my magmanimus splendiferous photomaking machine to the streets of New Orleans once again.

Thanks Wiz, I promise I won't waste (the rest) of your gift.
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I've been wandering around New Mexico and Arizona for the past couple months, snapping a few pics here and there. Now that I have one of those newfangled portable computers... (Small enough to rest comfortably upon one's lap! If you don't mind a heater a couple inches from your loins...) And now that I have acquired *cough cough* the latest version of Photoshop for it, I'll be posting some shots.

Hope you enjoy.
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I just uploaded four pictures from my stay back home here in New Mexico, and I've realized most of the interesting photos here have to do with the sky, clouds, and weather (with elements of the landscape thrown in.) Oh well, I guess I'll be a nature photographer for a bit.
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Finally had a chance to go out and do some photography yesterday, newly equipped with an extra 1 gig SD card for my camera. Expect updates over the next few days with some nifty stuff.
Some of my stuff got selected to go in the New Orleans show for the BT and Thomas Dolby tour deviantART is involved in! I'm excited to check it out tonight.
It's occured to me, that as time has gone on, a thousand or so deviations in whatever random order I make them and decide to post them doesn't make for a very organized gallery. I'm thinking about starting a personal website that, while mostly redundant as far as the images go, will organize them into convenient subjects, such as "Carlsbad Caverns" and "French Quarter" or Color/B+W.

Is this a good idea, or just a waste of time?

Responses welcomed/needed. :)
Mardi Gras break here in New Orleans has afforded me two opportunities:

1) I can have fun and enjoy one of the largest celebrations in the country in any given year.

2) I have the time to get away from the University course load and work long enough to finally go down and survey the more extensively damages parts of the city.

I've brought my camera along to both.

In a way, I suppose it would be better to line up all the photos of one type together, and all the photos of the other in a group. But I've decided to mix the two as I post here, offering up a contrasting, simultaneous view of what's happening in New Orleans right now.
Hurray! I have now posted 1,000 deviations to this website (the majority of which are photographs or photograph-based manipulations) proving I have too much time on my hands. That's a lot of work, and I've enjoyed creating my gallery and having people comment on my work (particularly the ones that have helped me improve.)

It's kind of funny. Though things get somewhat out of order, my gallery does a pretty good job of reflecting my progress in both photography and Photoshop (touch-ups, enhancements) since I first picked up my digital camera. DeviantArt has been a major part of why I kept going with photography, which is ironic, since I had to be literally forced to join at first (Damn you Joey!)

I've done every picture you've seen on here with one single camera - my Kodak EasyShare DX6440 (4 megapixels.) Unfortunately, I took it out with me last night when I went drinking, (assuming I'd break away at some point to do more late-night work in the French Quarter) and dropped my camera. It's now broken, so there will be no more of that.

Ironically, this comes at a phase where I'm making a turn in my photo work. I'm borrowing an old Pentax k-1000 and am taking my first real photography class ever. I've always enjoyed the simplicity of digital photography, along with the unlimited ability to take photos (not dependent on how much film you have) but I'm happy to try and learn film, and give it a shot. Now I have no choice, I suppose.

I still have 50 million or so backlogged shots - some, good, some not so good. And when I make my first black + white film prints, I'll try to find a way to fix my scanner and post them up here.

Thanks for the views and the comments.
I've been busy this past week working on classwork -- end of semester grind and all that. Amusingly, now that it's finals week, I'll actually be way less busy, because I only have one final, heh.

More than just school, I've managed to overwhelm myself with photos. I have 200-300 sitting on my computer, just waiting to be submitted to deviantART... and it's too many! I can't decide which ones are actually worth putting up or not! MY judgement is shot. Stuff I thought would be great has gotten little response, while pictures I was ready to throw away have gotten great comments.

I've seen all these photos on my computer too many times to really judge if they're good or bad. All I see are edits completed, an imperfection I couldn't handle, or a photo I've skipped over so many times it *must* be bad.

I may just start plowing through them in order, without any thought of what's good or bad. If I toss some real bombs up here, they can always be moved to the scraps section.

So if my photos seem somewhat random or degraded in quality, and at the same time I happen to be posting fifty a day, you'll know why.

I'll lose Internet access again when I return to my family in Carlsbad over Christmas break, so things will probably drop right off into the abyss as far as activity from me is concerned.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that.
I've been holding off on posting here mostly because I asked someone to take a look at my gallery and I was afraid of posting a load of *bad* art, but I have enough of a backlog now I'll probably start up regularly again later today. I went out and did some photography around Albuquerque Downtown. There are certainly some interesting points in the city. During my latenight spree I was heckled by panhandlers, approached by obvious drug dealers, and almost accused outright of being a terrorist by a police officer.

Almost reminds me of New Orleans. :D
ReMix. Old pohotgraphic pictures.

Some of my favorite photos benefit from me having the presence of mind to *take them more than once.* I know, it's not a groundbreaking technique. To tell the truth, you're a moron if you think you've got a great shot and you don't hedge your bets or move around.

I'm a moron most of the time.

But I do expirement on the photographic end and muck about, so here's the remix of my old favorites - some of my favorite shots I've posted, but from different angles. Obviously, if I didn't pick them, they're probably not the better of the two. But on their own, they work, and it might be useful for comparison's sake.

No, I'm not doing this because I have nothing to post. I have plenty of photos I am working hard to be lazy about posting here. This idea just cropped up while I was going through my stockpile working on another project.
Well, I finally hit the 4,000 pageview mark. I swear, I have to have the lowest view to Deviation ratio in the history of dA. Heck, I can't even find anyone with more posted than I, though I'm sure such people exist (anyone know em?)

Well, thanks for all the views and the faves. Got plenty more, though I feel the need to go out and try a new round. (Getting kind of sick of looking at the stuff I'm trying to decide whether to post or not.)

I guess it doesn't matter much - I haven't really been doing much of the stuff one would to garner more views, like being active in the forums, or faving left and right, but I think it's a nifty little milestone that deserves some acknowledgement.

So, thanks again everyone. :)
So I finally got off my ass and decided to learn a bit more about Photoshop. My basic skills have served me well, but I've picked up a couple tricks that really will help some of my photos overcome some of the basic problems they would otherwise face. The Deviation Beauty of the French Quarter is a good example -- prior to learning some of these skills, I never would have posted this photo, because the lighting was too messed up. It's some basic to intermediate stuff, but what it means is hopefully higher quality deviations overall, but also a lot of chances for older stuff I never posted to make it here. So expect to see more stuff from New Orleans as I go back through my collection to see what I can fix up.

Hope you enjoy.
So I finally wenti nsane and ran out at midnight to go snap some photography here in Albuquerque -- the results should be phasing into my deevs for now through whenever I run out. Amusingly, I still have a bunch of crap from New Orleans, but I really can't decide if they belong in my gallery or if I should submit them as scraps. Every time I go to put one in the scrap bin, I wind up pulling it out because it's too nifty. But I can't really bring myself to submit them. I guess the problem is that they're all relatively good, but not particularly stunning or great. They'd be surely in the gallery if I'd just happened to submit them earlier, but after some of the stuff I've put in, I feel more like I'd be scraping the bottom of the barrel than contributing anything worthwhile.

So, I'll stall even longer by posting the newer stuff first!

It's occured to me that I really have an acute shortage of photography from Ruidoso. Despite a large chunk of my time spent there, I have substantially more Deviations posted from my weeklong excursion with Cory out to California than where I happened to be living for every other week. I guess I just got too used to the area to really go out and do anything. Ah well, how many pictures of trees do you need?

I also still have a small, but still significant amount of photos from my trips into Carlsbad caverns. (Oh, how I wish I owned a tripod when I went there.) I think they're nifty, but the response to the cavern photos hasn't been as big as my other stuff, so I'm trying to space it out. I generally think the reason is most of the value of those photos are in the details, which are best seen in fullview mode. In a thumbnail or preview version, it just kind of looks like a colorful blob.

I figure the next round of photos will be an excursion into downtown Albuquerque some night, when I'm finally caught up with my school work.

Hard Work.
So I decided to spruce things up around here - my first replacement Avatar on DeviantArt ever -- that took way too long to make for 50 pixels of goodness, converted one of my Deevs into a Dev ID, put a website button up for a website I never update, and finally replaced my desktop screenshot. I was kinda getting sick of the way my page looked.

Next up: Scraptacularity.
I'll likely be posting fewer shots as my cache sort of depletes (it is a way off) eventually shifting more to scraps for awhile, as I'm busy trying to catch up with school -- too busy to go out and grab some shots for now. Maybe in a couple weeks.
I still have a somewhat sizable cache of pictures from New Orleans last semester I didn't have time to post. When I get back to my computer in New Mexico, I'll get those up. Because heaven knows I won't be taking any new ones any time soon.
Obviously, this semester in New Orleans will not be happening. I'm watching places I've photographed and admired by destroyed by fires and looting. RIght now I'm watching a fire burn across the street from the W hotel featured in "Bright Street."

I hope New Orleans will be able to recover from this.